Eight Social Media Pointers to Avoid Part 2

Not separating business and personal life
A live example of this has been seen with a friend of mine who managed to loose thousands of business prospects only because of turning her website design London business account into a personal one. At the point of realisation from the people’s perspective about her being beautiful, they were than more intrigued with her personal life than her London digital agency beauty products. This only turned her Twitter account into a ‘courtship’ area where people would just leave her comments on her beauty than her beauty products. In many ways, the downfall of the business could be subjected to her as she was more than flattered with the comments thereby taking a toll on her business.

Doing away with irrelevant people or idle accounts
In all honesty, accepting idle accounts on your list is nothing but extra baggage for your London digital agency business. Make sure you maintain a healthy friends list. There is a gamut of accounts that that are active only to spy on website design London industry rivals and moreover, poach their ideas. Make sure you are observant on this matter but do not be fearful as this has always been a part of the web design London industry ever since.

Not standing by your word
Not being able to keep with your promises would instil a sense of unreliability in the minds of your customers and potential customers alike thereby driving them away from your London digital agency business. On the flipside, have good consistency in your ideation and ethics entices people surely throwing light on your sincerity and truthfulness.

Not backing up Social Media with SEO
Last but surely the biggest mistake of all you could make is not backing up your Social Media page with SEO. Social media is a great promotional environment when amalgamated with SEO which induces your website design London business strategies. Social media by itself cannot magnify your promotional efforts.


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