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Today, more people than ever are using their mobile phone to access the internet. Prediction says that mobile internet use may exceed desktop internet use by as early as 2014. Due to this change in how people browse, web designers have to shift their focus to the mobile presence of their internet

There are three main routes that they can choose to take in regards to how their website functions: Adaptive web design, Responsive web design or entirely separate mobile sites. Each have their advantages and disadvantages, and its a complicated choice as to which makes more sense for developers to use.

Unbenannt-1 copySeparate mobile sites redirect the user to a different URL when the sites detects they are on a mobile. These mobile sites are entirely separate, with different layout and URLs, but they function similarly to the main page. They may offer similar, less, more or completely different options than the main site.

Adaptive web design fixes features on a site one-by-one in response to what deviceyou are accessing the site with. There are several approaches to adaptive sites.  They can replace certain elements (such as replacing a large menu bar with a smaller drop-down menu,) add elements (such as inserting a GPS or phone button that wouldn’t work on a desktop,) take away features and content (that might seem extraneous for the mobile site) or swap elements around in other ways beneficial to the device it is being accessed on. A common adaptive change is for the images and content to be replaced with smaller images when the detected screen size is smaller.Untitled2 copy

Responsive web design is when every element of the entire main website is designed to resize and reorganize correctly based on the browser window size (or other defining factor) through which it is being accessed. This way, it’s the same site on both an iPhone or a desktop. It is made to prioritize important parts of the site, organising them in the forefront as the site elements change layout/spacing/size to neatly fit whatever browser size it’s being accessed on- which includes anything from desktops, to tablets, to mobile screens. Instead of swapping out elements for different mobile elements, like adaptive design, it simply takes the same page and rearranges it, using a fluid grid. Changing the browser window’s size on a desktop screen demonstrates this effect, as the elements rearranges and slide around fluidly in responsive to the size of the window. Technically, responsive web design is a subset of adaptive web design, but is more recent and more complex.

Untitled5 copyOne crucial concept when it comes to choosing what kind of mobile site to use is that of “content parity.” Content parity is the idea that users should not be at a advantage depending on what device they are using to browse. The same content should be available across all platforms, and no pages should end with error messages reading. ” This concept not available on mobile.” In regards to this, responsive web design has the advantage. It’s a way to have the mobile and full -sized sites have all the same content, and have no discrepancies between them. Because its the same elements, getting resized and moved around, it’s almost the same experience from device to device. However, responsive design has its flaws too. Due to the complex nature of it, it takes a lot more time, money and hard work to create a responsive design–because in doing it , the entire main website has to essentially be redesigned . In addition, its complex nature means there is a lot of room for error. It is not uncommon for navigation bars or images to scale or move incorrectly on responsive websites. Another issue is that responsive web design is harder to explain to clients, since they are much more complicated than static websites of which most people are knowledgeable.

Untitled7 copyMany major business and brands now have responsive web platforms, and it continues to grow in popularity as an option. Some notable responsive sites include Microsoft, Barack Obama’s campaign site, grey Goose vodka and Boston Globe. More and more universities and business are using responsive sites as a way to tackle the issue of increased mobile.

Separate mobile website have their own strengths and weakness. Generally, the biggest issue with having a redirect to a mobile website is that the two are not hosting the same content. There is a large change for disparity between them. Also, while sending links out from a mobile site, the URL is different for mobile links. Because of this, the content often does not display correctly on a desktop if it does not know to redirect. In addition, mobile sites often leave out a lot of the elements of the main site, which can prove problematic. Aside from these flaws, mobile sites can still work, and are often utilized. If designed properly, they can be similarly as functional as an adaptive or responsive website.

Adaptive website have their advantages and disadvantages as well. Adaptive and responsive are more similar than it first appear- both tackle the same task of having the mobile experience be the same page as the desktop experience, but altered for mobile usability. Sites can use a combination of both adaptive and responsive elements. There are some problems unique to the adaptive design experience. However, one complication is the way that images are changed due to the device accessing it. The problem is that  the way images display doesn’t  just depend on the size of the browser. It also matters what the screen resolution of the device is, and the bandwidth–and these factors can be independent of one another, so images may not always properly adapt (with responsive design, they are resized on a sliding scale instead of being replaced). Another issue is because the adaptive site is the small full site with certain elements changed, it might be slow to load all of the site’s features.

There is no definitive answer for what  the “best” approach is. Responsive web design may be popular, but it is not without its flaws. In the end, the most important fact is that many people primarily access the web with their smartphones, and the numbers are only going up, it is no longer an option for mobile experiences to be lacking. Keeping content parity, ease of use, cost and  difficulty of production and other factors in mind, companies can make the right choice for what their personal needs are. As more and more people use their phones to access the internet, the blurrier the line between “full-size” and “mobile” sites will be.


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When Justin says “Good Night Girls” 29.612 girls reply.

Justin Bieber is if you like it or not famous. Of course it is important to have foremost labels, TV studios and marketing agencies in support, but the euphoria of that prominence began on the world wide web. His career began with unsophisticated videos showing him singing “So Sick” from Neyo on Youtube uploaded by his mom.

Nowadays, Justin Bieber definitely doesn’t forget about his viral roots. He is always within the most tweted, shared and viewed celebrities on the social web. Only one statement on Twitter on Facebook, billions of his fans reply. The Fands get mad about everything he shares with them.

So Big Brother’s now gone Biggest Brother in terms of endorsing activities. And its popularity this year has truly been amplified so it can aptly be called Biggest Brother. Nonetheless, we all know what Big Brother entails and how the show works. What you didn’t know is the information hereafter.

Our digital agency has been at the forefront of keeping peoples admirations of being attached to Big Brother alive. Digital Broadcasters have been the care takers of the online merchandising division of Big Brother by being awarded with the maintenance of the website, and have been doing so for the last decade! Yes, we have been attached to the show since its birth back in the year 2000 when the programme used to air on Channel 4, remember?

The online store sells everything from the usual merchandise like t-shirts, mugs and hoodies to the more unique stuff like cotton bags.  The products entail good quality and are well designed keeping in mind the fresh look of the show itself. The eye logo of Big Brother is engraved on all the products so you know you’re in for a genuine treat.

It’s now been more than a decade since the show started and it’s fair to say that its fame has always been rising. With the show yet in its prime, it is now available for viewing on Channel 5. And as times change, so does the show. It now boasts of a great new look that one can see on the show. And thanks to us, the same is an integral element of the merchandising shop too! Click here to view the online store.

To sum up then, we are very proud to be continuing this long standing tradition and being an imperative part of the show makes us feel just that bit special! It is our privilege to be a part of this momentous show and we would continue to do so for as long as it has a slot on TV every year.

Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of our news. Hope this summer has been treating you well?  On the platter we have for you news about our new colleague, our latest accomplished project, the awards we have bagged and news from the world of technology.

Let us initiate this news by firstly acknowledging you with the launch of our new project; Mazali.  The website is a gift portal that entails a plethora of stylish gifts, home wares and accessories fit for living rooms and homes essentially. The platform radiates with clean white background lapped with vibrant purple text and imagery.  We bestow an ovation to all who helped make this project happen. Click the link to check out the site;

Digital Broadcasters has also been awarded recently with the best in class for the website Consensus Economics 2011 by the prestigious Interactive Media Awards. Furthermore, we have also bagged three awards from the Horizon group of awards; the first two went to a site we created called The awards were for best e-commerce (silver) platform and best self promotion/portfolio (bronze).  The last award was for Jeff Beck’s website which entailed an incredible theme and visual layout, resulting in the guitar and amp features for the menu options. This outstanding feature and many more were then awarded by the Horizon Committee with the ‘best interactive design (silver)’ award for 2010. Yes, we are on cloud nine!

Now for some tech news! Software giant Microsoft was recently forced to apologise to their massive fan following on the Xbox 360 Twitter account as they tried to rope in cash unethically on Amy Winehouse’s death. It was when the Xbox 360 official Twitter account posted a tweet urging followers to download her ‘back to black’ album in memory of the singer. Needless to say, that backfired leading to the apology.

Last but not least, we would like to welcome to our team the newest entrant, Mr. Uri Kosky, Head of Business Development. He hails for an entrepreneurial background and carries with himself, many years of experience in this field. We are now one step closer to attaining perfection as a unified, web 2.0 solutions provider.

That’s all we have for you this week. Tune in again for another great edition soon. Have a great day!

Digital Broadcasters weekly news e07

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Another great edition with so much to talk about we could be running low on space. From hitting the number 1 rank on Google for our preferred keywords to vying for a spectrum of awards soon enough, this edition is not one to miss!

Let us initiate this article by firstly notifying all the readers about Google’s latest ‘Panda’ update. This has been in effect in the UK since 18th of April 2011 and is dictated by altered algorithms which completely make the current business models of many organisations redundant. Panda is the latest update incorporated on the Google algorithm which is specifically designed to unveil the contrast between high quality, original content as against the ‘spammy’ SEO driven pages which seldom provide any worthwhile information.

Now for a great outcome of our ever thriving results on Google’s search engine rankings itself. We are now at the number 1, yes number 1 position for the keyword ‘London digital agency’. We can now proudly say that we are officially Google’s number 1 London digital agency. We bestow an ovation to our SEO team for doing so.

Furthermore, we are also in the running to grab three awards and in all hopes we bag all three of them! These are awarded for ‘Best E-commerce services, Best Self Promotional Techniques and Best Blog’. As far as we are concerned, we have made every modest effort to be the best in class. Keeping our fingers crossed!

And connected to the awards as an example, we have recently been acknowledged with the fact that one of our biggest E-Commerce venture; a platform we built for Elizabeth Emanuel, the designer who took the world by storm in the 80’s after having designed a remarkable dress for Princess Diana, has attained a staggering 150,000 page visits just in the week gone by purely due to the Royal Wedding. These outstanding numbers stand as a picture of what kind of quality and stable platforms we are able to produce for all our clients.

Finally, we have a new addition to our team and one that brings to the table expertise related to video editing and formulation. D.J. (or so he is known) hails from South Korea and is an invaluable addition to our vibrant team.

Thats all for this week. See you again soon. Have a great weekend!

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