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Have you taken a page from the printer and noticed that it looks significantly different on a page than it did on the screen? Understanding the differences between the way color is represented by screen and print designs can help prepare you for what to expect from the finished product.

Screen designs use the color “language” of RGB (Red, Green and Blue) or HEX. Printer designs are based on CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black). As an aside, the reason “K” is used for black is that it really stands for “key.” The key plate is the black plate, contains essential information, and is lined up with the other colors. Since the screen designs are in terms of RGB and Printers “translate” it to CMYK, some colors, particularly oranges and vivid hues, may not appear the same on the page as on the screen.


Another difference between the way color is displayed in RGB and CMYK is that RGB deals with color in terms of light and CMYK is expressed in dots that create the colors. Shades may vary depending on the monitor used; CRT will display colors as brighter while LCD shades are more subdued.

When dealing with printed colors, it is important to take into account of “spot colors” or those that have been standardized under the Pantone Matching System (PMS). Pantone guides show how various colors will look on a page produced by a CMYK printer. A PMS color has a number and a name and can be easily identified on the guide.


One tip is to use the Rich Black shade for actual designs requiring black and regular black for tables and other regular copy. Make sure there is sufficient time to check the color proofs to ensure they are the shades you intended for the visuals, and it is a good idea to have CYMK conversion in your office space.
In terms of size, it is important to be mindful of margins, since they are on the printed page but not the screen. When dealing with picas, remember that each pica has 12 points and an inch has 6 picas.

The three options – and numerous sub-variations – of the new Apple Watch will be available to pre-order in the United Kingdom beginning on the 10th of April and hit shelves on April 24, Apple CEO Tim Cook recently announced. The Apple CEO formally presented the Apple Watch release date at the company’s ‘Spring Forward’ event at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. The UK joins the US, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong and Japan in the first group of countries where the Apple Watch will be released. Cook also played up the watch’s 18-hour battery life, although the quoted time this is naturally shortened to seven during a workout, 6.5 for audio playback and three hours of talk time.


The basic, fitness-centered aluminium-alloy Apple Watch Sport (left) is £299 and £339 for the two sized faces, while the standard stainless-steel Apple Watch (center) is from £479 running up to £949 depending on which strap option you choose. The limited 18-karat Watch Edition will be available only at selected stores and costs a whopping £8,000 to over £13,000 if fully customized.

Apps can be downloaded through the iPhone’s App Store. Giz got hands-on with the Apple Watch back in September and we’ve been updating our Apple Watch Strikes Back! hub with all the necessary information from the event today, so go check it out.


Getting started on social media can be overwhelming!

There are so many different options and it might seem that you need to have a presence on all of them. As a small business owner, however, you likely don’t have the time to properly maintain your relationships on every social platform. Rather than spread yourself thin, find where your audience is and focus your efforts on those platforms.



twDespite being the second most recognized social platform out there, Twitter is actually only the fourth largest one at 288 million active monthly users. However, those on Twitter are very active, posting several times a day. For small businesses, Twitter is one of the few remaining platforms available that allow you to grow your follower count organically. All you really need to do is use the proper hashtags, add images where possible and engage in conversation with your followers, people who tweet your company and those that use a similar hashtag.

While you can easily find followers, Twitter users suffer from an unfiltered feed. As most of your followers likely follow hundreds if not thousands of other users, your Tweets will quickly disappear from their home feed. In fact, it’s estimated that a tweet has a half-life of only 18 minutes. Twitter does offer an advertising service that will promote your Tweet. You can choose how much you want to spend daily on the promotion. Obviously, the more you spend the wider your reach, but even $10 can increase the life of your Tweet.



insInstagram is growing at a rapid rate and while it ranks below Twitter in terms of users, it actually has the second most devoted users in terms of log in rate and participation. As a visual social platform, Instagram is perfect for small businesses with products and services they can show off. While it is possible for B2B businesses to find success, the most popular brands on Instagram tend to be B2C businesses like retail, sports, entertainment and restaurants. If you have a B2C business and also intend to market to an audience between 18-29 then Instagram is the perfect place for you. You shouldn’t just post pictures of your product. Humanize your brand by showing off your office, employees and company events. And remember, most Instagram users are amateur photographers so you can’t simply snap a picture and expect people to share it. You will need to put in time and energy into your pictures, which in turn will encourage better engagement.



pinYou might already be familiar with Pinterest, but did you know that not only are their users predominantly female it also has the best ROI for businesses that fit the demo- graphic base? Around 70 percent of users visit the platform for inspiration on what to buy. On average, a pin drove at least two site visits and six page-views. While this might not sound like a lot, the average Pinterest user spends almost twice as much per session than Facebook and Twitter users. This is due to features like rich pins, which can include additional information on the pin itself such as price, full recipes and more. If you’ve got a visually appealing product and want to attract women with disposable income, then Pinterest is by far the best social platform. Like Twitter, the Pinterest feed updates quickly so you will need to pin multiple times per day.



linLinkedIn is the most popular professional network on the Internet and holds the number 2 spot as the most popular social network. With that said, only 13 percent of LinkedIn users sign in daily, making it very difficult for many B2C businesses to find success. It is, however, a great place for B2B businesses as you can use it to build your reputation through thought leadership and influence marketing. After all, the entire purpose of LinkedIn profiles and your business page is to show your expertise through your projects, work experience and recommendations. The more you position yourself as an expert, the more people will visit your company and connect with you to do business. You can meet people interested in your business by joining groups within your niche. While you can join up to 50 groups, you want to make sure you are engaged with other members by leaving thoughtful comments and posts. Building up your network on LinkedIn will take a much longer time than many other social networks but it can ultimately be very rewarding especially if you are targeting a wealthier and older demographic.


Choosing the Right Networks

What social platforms you choose will depend on your business and demographic. The easiest way to know what networks to choose is to have an intimate understanding of your customer. Take a look to see what platforms they prefer and then narrow it down even further if you can. The fewer profiles you need to maintain the more time you can spend building up your community and relationships.


Have you got social networks’ account for your business?

Do you know what engagement means?

If it’s “yes” only the first answer make yourself comfortable and read the whole article… you are going to improve your social media marketing.

Social Media

Maybe you have always thought that the number of followers on social network is the most important thing, but actually it isn’t as important as the amount of interaction you get out of your fans. Engagement is exactly this: the all things your followers or fans do to interact and engage with your business. They can interact in lots of different way as brands can try various strategies to engage their audience.

Why this is so important? Try to imagine your fan page Facebook with 10,000 fans but only 100 of them interact with you, and the same fan page with 1,000 fans but all of them are active and share your content. The goal you have to reach is the quality of your audience than the quantity: if people are really interest in which you publish they’ll share the content with friends that maybe have the same interest… creating a chain that feeds on itself and promotes your brand.

Social Media 2Let’s look now at some ways to increase engagement on your social media, advices that are suitable for various social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

One of the keywords is photo: sometimes photos can say more than a text and people prefer look at images than read. Original photos related to your business can make users four times more interactive than text post. Also video is an important aspect that create engagement, thanks to its ease of sharing (eg via YouTube) and its entertainment.

The best way to get people talking on your social network is make question, which could be of different type, but it is better give priority to open and thought provoking question because you want to start a long conversation… but remember to reply and like the answer of your followers, to show that your brand listen them. You can also ask people to do something instead of answer a question: in this case we can talk about Call to Action, for example you can ask fans to click Like if they agree what you write, or retweet  your status, and so on.

You must pay attention to the timing too. You have to know your target and publish content when they are available and can surf on the social network. To make an example, for Facebook it’s good upload content at noon or after 7:00pm. And what about the frequency of posting? You must think about the quality instead of quantity: one article of good quality per day is more profitable than two or four mediocre articles.

So, how are you engaging with your customers on social media?

Have you ever used any of these tactics?

These are only some advice to improve your social media strategy, but they are enough as starting point  and brainstorm.

Image Credits: Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot. Via

Image Credits: Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot. Via

Best plugins for Magento 2012

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Below is a list of Plugins and Ad-on that we believe would cater for all your magical Magento needs. Many of the items in any spec come “out of the box”, these ones are some paid for and some free.
In addition with Magento releasing new updates constantly we may find that some of the below additions may already be part of the next release.

E-marketing through CMS?

We would advice using a third party script for e-marketing as it can be tied in directly with Magento and offer far more statistics, date tools and other template features that no other plug-in has yet to compete.


Ebay/Amazon Integration

Bildschirmfoto 2013-05-21 um 17.05.37

This plugin allows you to seamlessly integrate with Ebay, so when you upload a product within the administration panel staff can choose if to list within ebay or not.






Syncing with the Sage accounting package, allows the books to be kept neat and tidy with all orders being automated keeping environmentally aware without the additional hassle of having to print out any paper invoices for book keeping.



Mobile Version


For customers who want to be in full control of there mobile platform and to save on the mobile license fee that Magento require you to pay in order to use the “out of the box” mobile plugin, Number 1 on our list has to be the Iphone Theme from Ahead Works. The plugin looks like only an Iphone solution but actually works on all major mobile devices allowing the user experience to be dramatically improved and multi platform friendly (Detects iPhone\iPad\Android automatically).


Bulk Buyer


Bulk Buy does pretty what it says on the tin. It allows users to price adjust the order based on the quantity of items they choose allowing the easy upsell of items on a bulk scale.



Bulk import / Export


Sometimes its easier to work offline and as Magento is an online application this is not always possible. Thanks to this neat little plugin we can compile our stock offline and then upload the CSV file to populate our database. This is extremely useful when taking a stock count or needing to analyse the date within a third party analytics package.



Order Management


Magento itself is extremely good in terms of its order management system and consists of many features that you would expect only from a dedicated fulfilment software. Their are two things in which we believe are missing from the super software. One, is not being able to bulk process an order. For example, if a customers has to deliver 150 orders by 3pm, having to download them on by one is not an option. This neat plugin gives you the ability to select the orders you want to full fill and bulk sync the process. Number two, would have to be the delete order plugin. Most accountants hate this but sometimes one makes the odd mistake and an order needs to be deleted from the system.


AJAX Add to Cart


At Digital Broadcasters its all about increasing sales and making sure your website converts betters. This is more of a user experience feature that we believe should be implemented to help with the conversion rates. It allows the use of AJAX (guided animation) to take the customer on the proffered user journey.




Online Chat Services


Following from the last UX (user experience) plugin, this again prompts users with an online staff member that can help with any enquiries or instant ordering. The online chat can be switched ‘on’ or ‘off’. When ‘off’ a message can be left and is stored within the backend administration area.



Product Review


Lastly on our list of fantastic Magento plugins dedicated to creating the highest conversion rate is the famous “HMV” style reviewing system. This gives a user the confidence needed when making the purchase by reading what other companies / buyers have said about that particular product.




Browser Size from Google Labs Order Cialis Online

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One of the main challenges facing website designers is to produce web pages that look really good on the whole range of devices we use nowadays. On the one hand, laptop and desktop monitors are getting larger so users can make the most of streaming video, whether it’s for gaming or watching movies and TV online, and on the other hand smartphones and tablets mean an ever increasing number of people want to view the same websites on much smaller screens.

Website design technology is developing to keep pace with these challenges, and responsive and adaptive web design is allowing web pages to meet the demands of the multi size market.  As ever, Google has not been slow to pitch in with tools to help things along, and Google Labs has recently updated its Browser-Size application to allow anyone with Google Analytics to check how their web pages will look on various screen sizes.

Why is Browser Sizing Important?

Whenever you land on a web page chances are you’ll make a decision on whether you’re interested or not based on what you can see straight away, so it’s really important for the website owners (and designers) to arrange the web page in such a way that the key elements appear right in front of the surfers nose at the outset, or if they can’t all fit, make it clear there is more to scroll to.

Failing to do this may mean a person viewing a web site might not even know there’s a really good special offer or feature that they would happily part with their hard earned money for.

Web Design Tool

Sizing Tool Screen View

What The Browser Size Tool Offers

Sitting in the “Page Analytics” menu, running the browser-size analysis brings up a diagram that shows what percentage of the web pages can be seen by what percentage of visitors on different devices.  By doing this a website owner may realise that the all-important call to action feature that’s designed to get the customers in to a buying frenzy just isn’t being seen by enough people.  This then gives them the chance to pick up the phone and get a web designer on the case before too many opportunities are lost. So to make sure visitors to your web pages are seeing what you want them to, whatever the device, check it out here:

Google Browser Size


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