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Renowned electric guitar guru Les Paul is commemorated on his 96th Birthday with Google inducing one of their most perplexing doodles; a playable guitar which also has the ability to record.

Paul, who passed away in 2009, was a celebrated American guitarist and inventor. The man is best known for his work and craftsmanship on the electric guitar which spawned the advent of a new musical era and made rock and roll possible.

To entail a bit about his invention itself, he crafted the world’s first ever solid body electric guitar in 1940. The Log, or what it was known as, only underwent production by leading manufacturer Gibson in 1946 when its competitor Fender unveiled its Esquire model in the market.

Nonetheless, this was not the end of The Log as it was made eternal when Gibson, without Paul’s consent modified the design to create much more futuristic design which was lighter as well and furthermore, went on to name it Gibson Les Paul.

Google has thus made its contribution to all the country and jazz music stars innovations by permitting users to create and record their own tunes on their home page.

The idea is one of the many Doodles implemented by Google that have featured on their home page for a few years gone by on special occasions. But reports have suggested that this one has been the most multifaceted, interactive and engaging yet.

In place of the Google logo above the search bar, users can are now provided a set of 10 strings; all of which relay sounds in different pitches and tempos. And all of this has been designed to look like a guitar and the company’s logo.

The guitar has the ability to radiate sound by either hovering the mouse over the strings or for more realistic play, can be strummed by the use of the buttons on your keyboard; which can be activated by clicking the button below the guitar logo.

A handful of the site’s versions have the option of a record button in place of the keyboard button which would allow the user to save all their notes thereby creating a URL for aspiring musicians. Thus, people with a musical inclination or even those without one for that matter, can their tunes to their networks, which can then be smartly be played over the one that your friend or colleague is creating at that given moment.

Directory submissions of your web design London content plays a pivotal role in deciding your search engine optimisation rankings. First and foremost, these directories produce fresh one way links to your London digital agency site. And considering that the directories have a high volume of traffic, this could also lead to traffic maximisation for your website design London.

The six tips given below would let you gain the most out of your directory submissions.

1. Keep a record of the directories you have submitted to

Having in place an Excel spreadsheet to put down the directories you have submitted your web design London site to can be very helpful as you would not induce more time in doing the same thing over and over. Additionally, it lets you have a checklist for future reference when you are seeking new directories for your website design London submissions.

2. Have a list of directories prior to submission

A plethora of directories are available today. In your case fortunately, there is already a list of directories that is available to you look through. All it leaves you to do is look for the directories with high page ranks and directories that cater to your London digital agency niche. Initiate your submission efforts with these and expand with time.

3. Opt for the right category

Going for the most appropriate category is imperative during the submission process. As with any directory, a webmaster would make the call on whether or not your web design London site is worthy to contribute towards that market. Furthermore, if your website design London is unable to match the category requirements, it would be trashed.

4. Appropriate title

Almost all directories would permit you to build a title for your London digital agency site. The title is then used as a hyperlink leading back to your web design London site thereby suggesting to Google and other search engines that the keyword used in your title are the most prominent ones you work with.

5. Develop a keyword focussed description

Though the description is not as high on prominence as the title, it is nonetheless the keyword also used in the description that aid search engines to measure the relevance of your London digital agency link. Make a short description (20-30 words) and a long one (40-50 words) and use them in variations between submissions for your web design London.

6. Make submissions over time evenly

Search engines do not like the idea of submissions being made all at once from a given website design London as this only portrays the message of artificial link building. Search engines seek natural link building to any London digital agency and the more you adhere to their guidelines, the more profitable it will be to your web design London links.

Every London digital agency has to review the effectiveness of their SEO, advertising and marketing efforts. But these cannot be analysed without drawing out KPIs (key performance indicators), which will lay the yardstick to meet your web design London conversion, time lines and strategic targets.

Performance standards are available for a very specific role i.e. to calculate your returns on investments and strategic aims. However, KPIs for your website design London stretch beyond the one channel thought process thereby helping with the development of long term marketing and central advantages.

It is the case with many a London digital agency site that they have induced all the right supplements but cannot formulate the correct way to execute the same. Being acknowledged with the fact that your web design London landing page has upped the conversion rate by say, 15% is one KPI. Moreover, other factors such as enhancing lead generation, product inquiries or phone calls by say, 42% adhering to the given timeline and strategic techniques are also KPIs.

The above based website design London instances are formulated on gap analysis i.e. from the current levels of performance to where you have predicted to be. Nonetheless, they throw precious light on your current effectiveness of your web design London site.

Now, when you are looking for results that are rather performance oriented, analysing aspects such as time spent on your London digital agency page, keyword integration to maximise traffic and its relevancy rate are pivotal. In this case, having determined the website design London current bounce rate and what calls to action deliver results on the landing page are the significant factors to look into.

Thus, taking care of the above metrics would permit you to create a basic KPI analysis that would entail performance amplification techniques individually or even across the plethora at any given time. Nevertheless, without the aid of these analytics and statistics, all your web design London business is doing is in-taking part of the information with regards to future sales increment prospects for your web

The need to be focussed is an integral part of the SMART model:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Result-oriented or Relevant
  • Time-bound

By amalgamating the above with the KISS model (keeping it simple) which would suggest the who, what, where, when and how factors, you can effortlessly articulate the aims and objective for your London digital agency landing page thereby giving your website design London achievable benchmark.

The intrinsic value of KIPs lie within its ability to reproduce the effect or to some extent, even know which of your web design London modifications are optimistically affecting traffic, conversion and visitor bounce rate. Therefore, without having knowledge of where to seek profits and how the same can be measured, your website design London would only repeat its performance streak of the past in a loop.

To sum up then, without the use of KPIs, an amplification of say, 110% traffic via search engines and other strategic aims would not be accomplished thereby not allowing your London digital agency SEO efforts to attain their full capacity.

The subject of SEO content or sales content for your website design London is a perplexing one. The issue at hand is one that speaks of the pros of having purposeful content for SEO efforts in contrast to what is good for direct marketing purposes; all contextual to your London digital agency site.

To begin with, SEO dictates having meaningful content, page authority and a plethora of pages. Whereas from a sales angle, it is essential for you to have people filling out forms, giving you a call and procuring your web design London services or products. The fine line between the two of them is the place you want to be but that line is a hard one to balance on as it is direly difficult to have a powerful SEO framework without sacrificing direct marketing effectiveness on the website design London sales front.

However, one of the most viable methods of closing that gap and balancing yourself on that fine line is to incorporate a blog. An addition of a blog can enforce a high magnitude of content and authority to your London digital agency site. The blog should be regularly updated with fresh content by injecting a new post on a daily basis. But do note, that content should be integrated with your web design London keywords not only in the body copy but also the titles of the blog posts too. A post should at least contain 300 words. Moreover, the use of a tool like ‘expandable text box’ is also an astute choice as it has the ability to open a page with a lot of website design London content with just one click. Google are a big fan of expandable text boxes due to their degree of relevancy and information depth whilst they also inform the search engine what it is all about.

Your site can further be tuned to be SEO friendly by implementing three elements; Resources, FAQ’s and the Glossary. In relation to the FAQ’s, make sure that the FAQ’s are divided evenly across a spectrum of pages with one FAQ per page. Moreover, also consider using user generated content for your web design London site. It could be in way of a forum or a set of photos that users can comment on.

In this manner,  you would have enabled your website design London visitors to continuously create fresh content on a daily basis and to further quantify that, they would also generate back links to their sites; all of which is very meaningful in the eyes of the search engines.

You could also go the extra mile by creating an autonomous landing page for paid advertising purposes. The page is nevertheless an integral part of your London digital agency site but would play a secondary role and would be substantiated as mirror images of pages within your main web design London site as it would avert visitors from being sidetracked. The trick is to let the autonomous page stay consistent with regards to your website design London and take them into consideration as micro sites in contrast to looking at it as single pages.

Thus, if you can balance yourself on the line between SEO and sales, you could be shooting two targets with one arrow. Moreover, the search engine will adore your London digital agency site whilst the visitors would be rather enticed to make the call you want them to make; the sale.

When operating a website design London, it is tempting to get engaged with the technology in use. It is pivotal to ensure that the gadgets and plug-ins in use complement the superb aspect of your London digital agency that you want to showcase to your current and potential clients alike. The issue arises when people may not have landed on your website to see what you showcase. This is the reason why many companies now look to those that can impart advice on website improvement techniques.

There are a handful of methods available for you to realise the significant features of your website design London and especially, those that matter to the visitors. The most beneficial method is one that is direct; asking the visitor whilst another method could be the initiation of a forum on you London digital agency site. Furthermore, you could also draw information by allowing people to connect their social networking pages to your web design London site.

Asking through questionnaires

Questionnaires are purposeful for a plethora of uses such as user satisfaction to surveys on payroll services. You can simply integrate a set of few questions to be answered by your website design London visitors. But do keep in mind that the questions should be succinct as you would have more people answering them. In many cases, the easiest way to encourage people to answer some questions is by offering them a small reward or bonus for their opinion. Moreover, the contact information they leave can be legitimately used by you for other marketing efforts.

Offering a forum

Permitting your customers to talk about your products and services openly is a astute way to analyse their perceptions of your London digital agency. In no way should you censor the content that is being uploaded to your forum as it would discourage people’s honesty. Instead of restricting people from commenting about your website design London company negatively, you should have the sincerity to do something about it. Moreover, you will now have proof from which you can draw inferences to showcase to all, showing your dedication to customer service and satisfaction.

Permitting connections to social networking sites

Social networking sites are some of the most used internet sites in the world. Social networking giants like Facebook are some of the biggest online communities as people can instantly interact with both old friends and new acquaintances. It would be wrong to suggest that social media is meant for Tech 3.0 companies as smaller website design London companies also have a high degree of interaction with customers to enhance and amplify their services or in many cases, endorse products and services too. By allowing your customers to connect their social page to your London digital agency site, you will not only get to know your customers at a better level, but also be able to further market yourself. And for people visiting your web design London site, they will be notified of all the content their friends would have liked or even disliked with regards to your company.

There is a plethora of ways one can implement video technology to extend the reach of their online website design London business. Video marketing can be applied for branding purposes as well.

Think about the reach and its magnitude with regards to YouTube, undoubtedly the largest video portal on the web. The stats suggested by Google in March 2011 are staggering:

– YouTube has more than 2 billion views daily

– 24 hours of video are uploaded every minute

– The average person spends 15 minutes a day on YouTube

These stats make it clear that video reach is growing with immense pace. Do ensure that video marketing is one of the strategic moves you make for your London digital agency. Below are a few ways of using videos to gain a competitive edge:

Video on your website

This can instil a sense of a personal touch from your end. A vibrant, video-based landing page helps to engage visitors and encourages them to remain on your website design London page for a prolonged period of time. Instantly, you will be able to gain a competitive edge against your competitors.


With a spectrum of blog posts being published on a daily basis, what measures can be taken to ensure that visitors return to your web design London site? Try involving video. Not only does this entice and enthral your audience (on the basis that your content is meaningful and apt) but also, if your video is using YouTube streaming services, you would benefit from creating a goodwill out of your London digital agency channel as well.

If video blogging is not your forte, you could articulate your blog posts with suitable video content attained from video sharing websites such as YouTube.

Video Email Broadcasts

Video could also be implemented to engage with your website design London subscribers. And undoubtedly, this is much more attractive than plain text emails. There is a gamut of auto responders available to do this job. You just have to video the desired content, upload it to a video site like YouTube or comF5 for a select base of viewers, and finally, publish the link in your broadcast message.

Video Email

Sending a video email by signing up for services like comF5 requires minimal effort. It is a great way to amplify relationships with current and potential customers alike. Video usage permits you to have a more personal approach, thereby making your London digital agency message stand out from the clutter.

Social media videos

Again, you could shine in the crowd by integrating video to engage with your followers on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Your friends and followers are more likely to view and respond to a message broadcast via video. Moreover, Facebook makes it very easy for you to add a video tab helping to post your website design London message.


Every time you upload a video on YouTube, it magnifies the reach of your website design London. But this has to be combined with appropriate keyword tagging thereby ensuring the video reaches out to the correct audience.

Video training

Training can be imparted via video with ease and recent studies have also proven that video communicates with users on a more potent level. Training for your London digital agency can thus be delivered via webinars. These can be recorded once and played any number or times over.

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