Converting Facebook Fans into Super fans; The Knowhow – Part 1 of 3

Come football season, and a large proportion of us go through our clothes to grab that jersey and keep that Sunday open for nothing else but this; this makes you a fan.

Although the same can’t be said for super fans; purchasing season tickets, painting their faces with their team colours and withstanding sub-zero temperatures to view every game is an integral part. All in all, their loyalty is unconditional.

Considering you’re an owner of a brand, you may already be enticing fans to your Facebook page. But what your brand really needs is super fans. A super fan not only interacts with your page but also engages him/her in procuring items and spreading word-of-mouth promotions and this just goes to show that just one super fan can be more effective to your brand than a dozen fans.

It’s interesting how Facebook info-graphic classifies  fans by their degree of engagement with the brand:
• Potential fans
• Engaged fans
• Advocate fans
• Purchasing fans
• Super Fans ― Classified as the epitome of all fans. These users give data approval, have brought your items and/or services and initiated purchases from other fans.

Furthermore, looking at the above information, one can ascertain that having a more refined approach to Facebook marketing helps with knowing that engaged fans are great but advocates seem to be a more worthy adversary. And to add to this, even 1,000 engaged fans are no competition for a 100 super fans.

Come tomorrow, and you will get the first two of the four methods of making your fans move up the rank. Have a great day!


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