Converting Facebook Fans into Super fans; The Knowhow – Part 3 of 3

3. Grow Your Lead List While You Grow Your Fan Base

Let’s assume you already have a welcome tab. Also known as a landing page, this is meant for users who have not yet liked you page. The bare necessity of this page demands that you must have at least a call-to-action. This can be done by simply requesting users to like your page and once they have done so, the user should then be given a quick video tour or even text introducing your company and what the Facebook page is all about.

It’s text book for anyone who owns a Facebook page to acknowledge the fact that an end user visits a page because they want to be informed or even a solution to some problem in most cases; so do give them one in return of their name and email address. To further quantify why this should be done, offering valuable content on your landing page informs the user that you do have the expertise they have been seeking and this could be in way of a free tutorial or video series giveaway.

4. Convert with Calls-to-Action

One could say that selling on Facebook is an amalgamation of an art and science. The need for users to be on Facebook could either be for personal or social reasons so considering brag-based salesmanship techniques are not the right way to go.

The right way of course, is to entice people with rich, meaningful content.

Let’s say you’re a rookie at this so starting small would be wise. Be the guiding factor to directing your fans to the best content you have with quick call-to-actions such as

  • “Click Here” — Link to your latest blog post.
  • “Watch This” — Link to an entertaining video.
  • “Check This Out” — Post an interesting stat.

It’s simple; every time a fan clicks “like” in anticipation of what’s on the other side, you nurture kinship and reliance. This permits you to then evolve your call-to-actions into something more robust that would send out a clearer picture of your brands products and services.

The Verdict

In order for you to convert fans into super fans, having sound knowledge of the right kind of fans with whom to start is imperative; these could be users who are sincerely interested with what you have on the plate. Once this stage is passed, generating hype would be the next best choice i.e. fostering your list and monetising that relation from Facebook to point of sale.

If the above is adhered to by providing superb content and real interactivity, in time, you will surely develop a focussed group of super fans that show up, share their activities with friends and in a nutshell, be your mascots. The question to you now is if whether or not your brand can do with not having a few super fans?

I leave you with this food for thought.

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