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Another exciting week at our website design agency which entails news related to the new venture launch, career talks, fun events, Mozilla and the launch of the much anticipated iPad 2.

Let us kick off the conversation by saying that we at our London digital agency have been invited by the Westminster Council to throw some light on careers related to the new digital age, not only limited to digital marketing but rather a hoard of other options which are available to techies. This would be headed by our M.D and Head of Business Development to impart some of the values and knowledge that they have accumulated through their years of experience in the web design London industry.

Another benchmark achieved and this time it was the creation and development of a social network site which was developed by us from scratch. The venture is initiated by a company named Parentz Network which aims to target parents who need to interact with each other about their children in a safe and sound environment. There was purposeful use of colours to blend in with the true identity of the company and the concept itself. All of us creative technologists are very proud of this latest launch and bestow and ovation to the people who tirelessly worked on the same.

The talk is a one-off only catering to the pupils of a specific school in some sense, to build on their untapped digital media skills; an interesting day coming up on the 10th and our team of creative technologists look forward to the same in high spirits.

Digital Broadcasters also attended the Social PR 2011 event in London last week. The conference consisted of presentations, panel discussions and QA sessions in relation to the amalgamation of Social PR and Marketing and its collaterals, Brand Management and how one can develop identify influencers and create brand promoters.

The much awaited launch of the iPad 2 finally took place last week. The event for the same was hosted by none other than the front man of Apple himself, Steve Jobs. Although there was a lot of speculation about his health in the last few months, it seems that he has nonetheless put all of it behind him and paced forward. Contextual to the technology, the newer tablet brags of a quicker processor, enhanced graphics, cameras at the front and back and slimmer specifications.

Mozilla has developed and launched an HTML 5 demo site which endorses the latest features supported by Firefox 4. There would be a new addition to the demos section every week up till the week when Firefox 4 is unveiled.

So that’s all we have for all you people here this week. Do tune in again in 7 days to gain some more insight on our teams happenings and the latest in the tech environment. Wishing you a busy but fun filled week.

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