Digital Broadcasters weekly news edition 2

Let’s entail the latest happening at our web agency firstly. Our London digital agency has successfully launched our client’s new venture; London Agent International has been fruitfully broadcaster with sustainable content to build on their SEO with the release of their press release. Our website design London agency is very proud of this first phase.

In other news, the latest update from Microsoft for their Windows Mobile has caused serious issues for 1 in 10 users. Many users of the smartphone have complained of errors related to phone crashes and that to very frequently which has made the phone inoperative. The update however, has been drawn back to the Microsoft drawing board as soon as the bug was exposed.

As our London digital agency implements the usage of WordPress for our own website design London, it came to our notice that WordPress unveiled a new version last Wednesday which included a gamut of new and updated features for the users and developers to get hooked onto. A few of them include the addition of post formats, the customisation of the WordPress itself and how the same is viewed on the web site itself can be tweaked, internal linking options which makes it far more effortless for the publisher to search for the link of a previously uploaded piece of content and significantly a contemporary admin bar which instils ease of access to the spectrum of WordPress tools.

Please do follow up with next weeks edition to get the latest on the internal and external news about our web agency and its collaterals.

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