Google Celebrates Les Paul’s 96th Birthday with a Brilliant Guitar Doodle

Renowned electric guitar guru Les Paul is commemorated on his 96th Birthday with Google inducing one of their most perplexing doodles; a playable guitar which also has the ability to record.

Paul, who passed away in 2009, was a celebrated American guitarist and inventor. The man is best known for his work and craftsmanship on the electric guitar which spawned the advent of a new musical era and made rock and roll possible.

To entail a bit about his invention itself, he crafted the world’s first ever solid body electric guitar in 1940. The Log, or what it was known as, only underwent production by leading manufacturer Gibson in 1946 when its competitor Fender unveiled its Esquire model in the market.

Nonetheless, this was not the end of The Log as it was made eternal when Gibson, without Paul’s consent modified the design to create much more futuristic design which was lighter as well and furthermore, went on to name it Gibson Les Paul.

Google has thus made its contribution to all the country and jazz music stars innovations by permitting users to create and record their own tunes on their home page.

The idea is one of the many Doodles implemented by Google that have featured on their home page for a few years gone by on special occasions. But reports have suggested that this one has been the most multifaceted, interactive and engaging yet.

In place of the Google logo above the search bar, users can are now provided a set of 10 strings; all of which relay sounds in different pitches and tempos. And all of this has been designed to look like a guitar and the company’s logo.

The guitar has the ability to radiate sound by either hovering the mouse over the strings or for more realistic play, can be strummed by the use of the buttons on your keyboard; which can be activated by clicking the button below the guitar logo.

A handful of the site’s versions have the option of a record button in place of the keyboard button which would allow the user to save all their notes thereby creating a URL for aspiring musicians. Thus, people with a musical inclination or even those without one for that matter, can their tunes to their networks, which can then be smartly be played over the one that your friend or colleague is creating at that given moment.


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