Horizon Interactive Awards

Having added two awards to our bag, we also accumulated yet another three from the prestigious Horizon Interactive Awards committee in different areas of web design. The Horizon Interactive Awards is a prestigious international competition recognizing outstanding achievement among interactive media producers. All the awards were presented to us in 2010.

The first of which, was awarded to createmymerch.com and remarkably, we managed to attain two awards for this account. The awards were presented in the category of ‘best e-commerce (silver) platform’ and ‘best self promotion/portfolio (bronze)’. Createmymerch.com as a platform radiated great aesthetics and design elements which could be formulated and structured to the design requirements of an individual thereby making it customised and also very well formulated.

The next award was presented to us for the Jeff Beck website.  Jeff Beck is one of the greatest guitarists of all time and therefore is extremely popular the world over. Consequently, his website needed a theme and an incredible visual layout, resulting in the guitar and amp features. The menu options were designed to be aesthetically and visually pleasing, making the website experience enjoyable.  These outstanding features were then awarded by the Horizon Committee with the ‘best interactive design (silver)’ award for 2010.

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