Internet Radio Broadcasters and Streaming

Internet Radio Broadcasters

Technology with regards to streaming has significantly evolved to a point where its is now very easy for any person with a reasonable Internet connection to act as host to their own Internet radio station and that too, from the comfort of their home. Never in times gone by have DJ’s from the room had are such tools at their disposal and to quantify that, at prices that are unbeatable.

Coming down to the costs for the Internet radio, it depends on the nature of the station you want to run; scheduled or live. Moreover, if you wish to incorporate Podcasts features using our On Demand Hosting service, do ask us anytime.

Having in place your own Internet radio station lets you pry on the opportunity of delivering high quality broadcasts to a set base of people you want to broadcast to.

Digital Broadcasters can bring to you a streaming service for a small private radio channel for as little as £100 per year. Alternatively, we can also meet the demands for global scale operations due to our well architected infrastructure.

The dire advantage of having an Internet radio is that anyone anywhere at any time on the planet can develop  his/her own radio channel and be publicised for a minor sum of money. In existence are a gamut of channels falling under areas of religious groups, education, politics, news, sports and every music genre established and not surprisingly, many of whom would not have been heard if not for Internet radio.

Audio streaming can instil aspects of engagement for listeners wherein, the viewer can be a part of the show in way of live opinion polls, music requests to comments and suggestions.

Again, deciding the broadcasting quality is a very imperative along with the expected viewing minutes and these are all upgradeable as your popularity ascends.

Internet Radio Explained

The package you need can be attributed to two factors

  • Broadcast quality/ bit rate
  • Maximum number of viewers at any given time

Do remember though, the higher the quality, the higher the costs.

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