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A minisite refers to a Web site through which a company offers information
about its product or a group of products. With the advancement in digital agency services, minisites have become an easy way of marketing products. A minisite is complemented by various multimedia content, like animated content, narrated introduction or visual scheme – all of these enhance the company’s product. It also can be in the form of a single page Web site through which the company wants to sell one single product. A minisite utilizes a direct response approach in marketing a specific product. A digital agency develops minisites of all types. Because minisites are small Web sites, they are only concerned about selling your product. Minisites are largely preferred over conventional Web sites. Now it is a favourite online tool for marketing. These are easy to construct and inexpensive to maintain. Moreover they can be easily optimised for search engines. Therefore, minisites have become an integral part of many online marketing strategies. If
a minisite is used properly, it can significantly increase the effectiveness of your product. A good digital agency provides you with the best digital presentation that can boost the product’s market.


Many companies prefer conventional Web sites to sell their products or to market their newsletter. A conventional Web site may not be an ideal option for all because they demand more attention and work. Frames and the links on such sites distract the prospects of the product. Minisites, on the other hand, are the simplest form to market your product through Web. It is less target focused, its main goal is to solicit a response from a reader. Just a click by the reader accomplishes your


Conventional Web sites may not solicit an immediate response; they sometimes
confuse the user. A minisite has only one link, which directs the user to subscribe or order the desired product. They assist the user to do what they wanted to do. A good Web design in a minisite makes your brand an expert in the field. It makes you more professional and increases your buyers. An interactive agency helps you adapt to the changes in the market and thus engage more customers. Digital agencies create online presence for the company’s product.


The first step to set a minisite is to find a host. A search on Web will give you many options for minisite hosts. After finding a host who has sound knowledge of the design, you can create a new minisite completely dedicated to your product and services. A fully integrated digital agency helps your product stand out in a cluttered market.

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