On-page optimisation tactics: tip 5

Internal links

The next set of links to tackle are internal links which direct itself from one page of your website to another one. This would be the best time to dictate a quick fact contextual to search engines and their methods of indexing. Please note, search engines do not index websites but instead, index web pages. Essentially, this suggests that it is not the site that is authoritative, rather the web page in actuality. And reasoning behind reliable websites having good page ranks is due to the well integrated internal linking abilities.

So, lets ask ourselves a question, when a rather large and powerful site builds a new page, what does that page hold? Well, it has a magnitude of authoritative links from other reliable websites already seated on the site. These can all be attributed to internal linking.

There doesn’t seem to be a defined way of linking your pages. To have in place an unswerving navigation bar is the first step towards success. But this however is only one of the many things you could do. For people who use Word Press, you can find a continuum of plug-ins for your posts that would automate link creation to other related posts for you. It is highly recommended to instil more internal links that external ones. Thus, a 1:3 in the form of one outbound link to every three internal links is an optimum ratio.

A practice that goes by the name of PageRank sculpting entails drastically limiting the total number of outbound links you have in order to keep a higher proportion of links internally. Although the same sounds like a wise plan to go with, it nonetheless falls short of its expectations in practice. PageRank through research, has been seen to have a more cyclical approach and would keep a lot more value on the site naturally. And to quantify further, do keep in mind the resourcefulness of outbound linking and its aid towards your ranking; do not hold back on linking to great websites.


We at our London digital agency have acknowledged the fact that many of us read and even purchase a lot of material on SEO and have been notified of the same on page optimisation techniques time and time again. But the fact of the matter is, all of them contribute to the basics of on page techniques. And due to the repetitive nature of the material we read, a presumption in our minds leads us to say that there is nothing other than the mentioned data thereby deeming it as less crucial that backlinking. Do not fall prey to this! Take care of your site, it is your baby! Optimise the text, optimise the links and brush up the same everyday as if they were your teeth.

That’s all we have for you about on page optimisation techniques. Hope the same goes a long way to fulfil your SERP requirements and if applied well, would prove to have definitive results, rest assured!

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