Quality Directory Submissions; Six Tips Part 2

4. Create a wise title

In most cases directories permit you to develop a title for your website design London. This title would then be used as a hyperlink back to your web design London site thereby suggesting that the keywords input in the title should be the keywords that Google has analysed as high significance for your London digital agency site. For instance, if you want your blog to have a good rank for ‘dance shoes’, there is no point in submitting the same with a ‘Digital blog’ title.

5. Have a keyword relevant description

Although there is comparatively lower prominence as against the title, the keywords nonetheless aid in establishing the relevance of your website design London link and moreover, act as a pitch to potential users that browse the directories. Write three short descriptions (15-25 words) and three fairly longer (40-50 words) ones and use them variably as per submission guidelines. Do not use a lot of capital letters and punctuation marks as these could result in your web design London submission being rejected.

6. Span your submissions over time

Search engines do not fancy an anomalously massive burst at any given time with regards to the number of links a London digital agency site throws out to the web as this only activates the thought of artificial link building. SEO demands and encourages natural link building for your website design London and the more natural it is, the higher the value of your web design London links.

Adhering to these steps would surely permit you to gain fruitful returns on your time and investment contextual to directory submissions.

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