Rent a Movie via Facebook

For all Facebook users, the social networking giant has launched a movie rental service in collaboration with Warner Bros.

The service is initiated in the US with The Dark Knight and permits users to trade their credits or real money for a 48 hour film rental option.

The costs are fixed at the moment as thirty Facebook credits or three dollars would gain you a movie rental for two days. On the viewing front, the user has the ability to pause and resume the film at their desired time line.

Furthermore, the user can also make use of the total Facebook tools services to interact with their friends about the film while they are viewing it which include a gamut of elements such as updating their status and posting comments.

This contemporary service is exclusively in conjunction with Warner Bros and is only available to Facebook users in the US. And while this is the current status, there is no known date for the UK launch either.

Thomas Gewecke, president of digital distribution at Warner Bros, said: “Facebook has become a daily destination for hundreds of millions of people. Making our films available through Facebook is a natural extension of our digital distribution efforts.”

Conversely, The Dark Knight’s fan page on Facebook has already seen an influx of four million ‘likes’ from many keen users.

It is Warner Bros who have commenced this new collaborative effort with Facebook and soon enough, more are presumed to follow in their footsteps. Warner Bros nonetheless, would add a continuum of more titles for the purpose of rent and purchase in the coming few months.

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