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When you begin an online business, you first have time to determinate your target market, people who could be interested by what your company offers. For example, our London digital agency often, even most of time creates websites for companies. Our web design London company answers to a need. If you don’t answer to any need, your online business is destined to fail. Your product has to dispose of at least an asset that you won’t find in your competitors products

For the success of an online business, ranking on search engines is one of the most important things. Search engines will permit to people to find your product or website easily. For example, our London digital agency has to be found on the first or second page on Google. If our web design London site hasn’t got a good rank, it will be unvisited and also will no succeed.

Try to buzz, to create your website, etc. according to your target market. If your website design London is well visited, that means you don’t have anything to resolve. If not, your London digital agency gives a wrong image, doesn’t include good keywords. There could be a lag between people searches and the keywords you have chosen for your web design London site.

Furthermore, people can nowadays keep contact with other people every time or find which they have lost contact with only by using social networks.

Some networks are amazing, and then can begin to be real assets for your London digital agency. Some young tycoons when starting their own business have gone bankrupt because they hire out people to help them to reach the required exposure to launch their online website design London. In fact, be present on social networks is a very attractive thing. People can easily find your London digital agency on social networks if you have created a page for it. Having your own company page on social networks in addition to your web design London site becomes useful and very popular, making henceforth possible to give information about your London digital agency.

Giving a professional name to your social networks page is better, for example we have given the name of our London digital agency. The main goal is not to sell on social networks: It’s only a way of advert in order to make your web design London company known. You also have to give all information possible surrounding your company and products.

On the other hand, you can and should use keywords for your company for example with Google. Every attractive way to make your web design London site known is good. Invite as many people as you can to visit your website. Try to build contacts with new clients thanks to your friends… Your London digital agency can grow very rapidly if you have a good rank, a good network. If you take care of your website design London, you can spread on the Internet, be more and more visited, that is why Internet is  nowadays a really useful way to advert.

s a conclusion, don’t forget that your social network site has to be kept, uploaded, has to make the promotion of your new product. Our London digital agency maintains the website often to be on page. Furthermore, social networks’ marketing is a popular and young concept, useful for your company, and also a non-negligible advantage.

World’s first Google store has recently opened in Tottenham Court Road, in London. This small pop-up store is currently selling Chromebooks, which are built and optimized for the web, and a few accessories; like headphones. But this store is open only until Christmas. The new store is called the “Chrome Zone”; it’s an experiment for Google. For the giant this is the first foray into physical retail stores.

The new concept is still in its early days. Arvind Desikan, Google UK’s head of consumer marketing, said it’s a new era for Google. Google is smart to open up a physical store. According to Desikan, 80 percent of laptop sales are bought in retail stores. This makes a lot of sense. Most people like to try something out before they spend a significant amount of money on it.

The launch was low key compared to Apple’s massively hyped opening of its first London shop in 2004, but Google claimed that it will experiment with the format and could open more retail outlets in the future.

Google believes that hands-on time with Chromebooks is really all it takes to get people interested in the device. Though this is the first retail store for Google, it isn’t the first Chrome Zone. Google started offering Chromebooks to passengers travelling between San Francisco, Chicago O’Hare, Boston, and Dallas-Fort Worth with Virgin Airlines. Passengers are able to check out a Chromebook for their flight at one of these Chrome Zones. Also, guests at the Ace Hotel in New York City were offered a Chromebook to use during their stay. The goal of Google is to give people a chance to try Chromebook, something normally not be interested in such a devise.

Desikan said that playing with the Chromebook made a “huge difference to their understanding of what the Chromebooks is all about.” Like at Apple Stores, customers can come in and play around with the device. A second retail store will be opening up in Essex on October 7. More pop-up shops are expected around the world, and if all goes well with these trial shops, Google may decide to keep the retail businesses going.

Wham, Kapaau, Thud! These are just some of the sounds you can hear in videos that are available to watch on the new Bamma web portal. Yes, the atmosphere is intense and to some degree, brutal. And the site reflects exactly that.

Displaying a mix of bright orange and white, the site dictates brilliant flair with regards to design and its utmost simplicity in terms of navigation. Moreover, the site also has a rich depth of information contextual to the sport laying down a spectrum of options for the end user to browse through. Essentially, all the information a fan could desire from the sport.

Interactivity is also a choice that one can make in real time. This means that you could instantly ‘like’ the Bamma page on the site via the Facebook section and receive instant updates as and when available or for the more Tweet oriented, you’re now empowered to throw in your two cents of information which may hold a lot of value to other Bamma followers.

To further your plethora of options in terms of engagement, you can give your opinion by way of polls, buy tickets to the next event whilst also being able to make arrangements for accommodation. All in all, a true mixed martial art fanatics paradise.

So don’t try and search for results of every match on Google and don’t try and look for videos on YouTube and certainly don’t try and book tickets from dodgy places; give yourself a break and head to

Time to get social

The Apps Package Interested in Facebook and its potent marketing value? Well, our creative technologists are on stand by to utilise every bit of the potential for you. All our apps can be procured for a package fee or if you feel you need only one or a few, we do still give you the choice to choose any app that suits your target audience’s taste.

Content Management

These apps are supported by our well integrated back end content management systems which gives you the power to manage your content, the headers and other features such as links for any of the apps. Needless to say all of these are effortlessly implement able without having to put down a single line of code.

Image & Content Hosting

Be it customised banners or even a set of chosen images, all of our accounts are backed up by secured content hosting and its deliverables which aid with swift page loading capabilities. Fully Supported If you feel the urge to have us by your side through your social media journey, our team is more than happy to stand by you and assist you with any of your social media queries.


Promote your page with a visually enhanced characteristic that reflects your company image, your team or even the cause being promoted at the moment which undoubtedly makes your page so much more enticing, resourceful and word-of-mouth worthy.


  • Brilliantly incorporated commenting feature permits user’s to comment on the images which lead to added awareness and dense traffic to the page.
  • Very stylish and ecstatic image slideshow.
  • Upload capability of 10 large images which are displayed via carousel style left to right slider.
  • As imperative as back linking is, the images can be employed with hyperlinks which would divert your traffic back to your home page or any other website which you desire.
  • Boast about your products, the team or develop a tailor fit slide show for a specific cause.


Got a video to broadcast? Brag about it in large-format HD straight from your fan base page.


  • Displays HD video which can be embedded from YouTube.
  • Choice of adding title and text block just below the video to inform the user about the content of the above video file.
  • In built share functionality to provide better exposure and drive larger sums of traffic for the video and your page.
  • Additional feature of “fan only” when enabled can make the video viewable by fans only which leads to fan conversions.
  • Integrated commenting on Facebook is set to post the same on the users’ wall by default when they leave a comment on your video. (An area of viral marketing technique to engage many users to your content on one platform)
  • Bespoke header options to fortify your brands’ impression and goodwill.


Every brand wants to be seen by as many people as possible. And what better ways to build up your fan following and also retain the current ones then offering a chance for your fans to enter a sweepstakes on the Facebook page.


  • The capability of running an enticing sweepstakes at your social media. platform is great with the app enabling you to do so.
  • Increase your fan base with the “must be a fan to enter” function.
  • Acquire a list of your target audience and market through integrated email.
  • Effortlessly modify the visual depiction and the feel aesthetics of the sweeps by incorporating images that you fancy.
  • Generate viral growth with customised share link feature.
  • Flawless implementation with campaign monitoring services for email marketing.


Endorse your products with visually enhanced capabilities to draw the user’s attention and link the shoppers straight to your online store.


  • Ideal for incorporating a showcase of your products on Facebook.
  • A well placed commenting area allows the user to leave a comment on any product he/she fancies.
  • Simply upload the product images and add their related descriptions with a link to your eCommerce website as this lets your Facebook fans reach your online store with just one click.
  • The comments are posted on the user’s wall as default thereby driving more traffic.
  • Bespoke header options to fortify your brands’ impression and goodwill.
  • Well incorporated sharing capabilities entice more traffic to your website.


Get this app and be assured of your tweet being broadcasted to all your friends and followers.


  • Effortlessly merge your twitter account which enables you to publish your tweet directly on to your Facebook page.
  • A tailor made header which is an option permits you to impart your branding efforts to the Facebook page.
  • The app can also be applied as a fan conversion app by adding an image that would be viewable by anyone who is not yet a fan of your page. And as soon as their curiosity leads them to become a fan, presto! The fan can now see the Twitter feed.
  • Be the one to decide which Tweets you want to display from the past and which you don’t.


Sharing your latest blog posts and news feeds with your fans can now be done instantly. And add this app to your well architected fan only setting for a broader fan base.


  • Customisation capabilities for the header lets you be in control of the brand experience on the page.
  • The text and images that are put up can be integrated with back links which lead the user back to your website.
  • Insert any RSS feed whether it’s a blog or any other news related content to the admin control panel which can then let you drag in content from any feed straight to your page.
  • Well placed sharing capabilities permits the reader to share your page thereby increasing traffic.


Boast about your business partners, friends, clients or even family with this purposeful app.


  • It’s easy to put together a gallery of all the various pages you want to share.
  • Personalised header lets you dictate the brand message and notion.
  • Every page can portray the name and the fan count.
  • Every page is clickable if the user would like to gain more information on the same. And a “fan only” feature can be opted for if you wish to increase the fan count to the page. SIGN UP Fuse together contact forms, online surveys and invitation features to incur valuable data from the fan page itself.
  • Features With just about no difficulty, implant a sign up form on your Facebook page. Personalised header lets you dictate the brand message and notion.
  • A brilliant app for registrations, newsletter subscriptions, contact information accumulation, volunteer forms and much more.
  • Flawless implementation with campaign monitoring services for email marketing. Manage all the registered users with our well architecture content management tools.


Giving your fans and friends a map would make it easy for them to find your brand and any offline events that you may have chartered out Features Once you input an address, this app will immediately add a Google map of your current location on the Facebook page.


Find out who we have worked with and the awards we have achieved Read more

Digital Broadcasters amalgamates strategically enhanced brand design concepts along with pioneering creativity to produce bespoke designs that would surely turn many heads and lay out a great impression for your brand online and offline.

In terms, our London digital agency has a bunch of branding gurus with considerable experience in typography, identity design and branding and logo style guidelines which aid in the creation of award winning branding projects for our clients; detailed in a spectrum of branding appeal from website to mobile device to print and packaging. These branding solutions include:

  • Strategic brand research
  • Best-in-class copywriting
  • Output to digital, print, products & 3D
  • Branding guides & style guides
  • Award winning web design

Making sure that we have you awestruck with the project that has been assigned to us is of prime significance. And by providing us your trust on your brand, Digital Broadcasters would with the brand also promote the values and objectives of your business, make sure your target audience is always engaging in your services and provide a sense of leadership in the minds of the consumers with regards to your brand.

Do take a look at how we can assist you with your brands identity and aid in creating awareness of the same by clicking here.

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