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Have you got social networks’ account for your business?

Do you know what engagement means?

If it’s “yes” only the first answer make yourself comfortable and read the whole article… you are going to improve your social media marketing.

Social Media

Maybe you have always thought that the number of followers on social network is the most important thing, but actually it isn’t as important as the amount of interaction you get out of your fans. Engagement is exactly this: the all things your followers or fans do to interact and engage with your business. They can interact in lots of different way as brands can try various strategies to engage their audience.

Why this is so important? Try to imagine your fan page Facebook with 10,000 fans but only 100 of them interact with you, and the same fan page with 1,000 fans but all of them are active and share your content. The goal you have to reach is the quality of your audience than the quantity: if people are really interest in which you publish they’ll share the content with friends that maybe have the same interest… creating a chain that feeds on itself and promotes your brand.

Social Media 2Let’s look now at some ways to increase engagement on your social media, advices that are suitable for various social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

One of the keywords is photo: sometimes photos can say more than a text and people prefer look at images than read. Original photos related to your business can make users four times more interactive than text post. Also video is an important aspect that create engagement, thanks to its ease of sharing (eg via YouTube) and its entertainment.

The best way to get people talking on your social network is make question, which could be of different type, but it is better give priority to open and thought provoking question because you want to start a long conversation… but remember to reply and like the answer of your followers, to show that your brand listen them. You can also ask people to do something instead of answer a question: in this case we can talk about Call to Action, for example you can ask fans to click Like if they agree what you write, or retweet  your status, and so on.

You must pay attention to the timing too. You have to know your target and publish content when they are available and can surf on the social network. To make an example, for Facebook it’s good upload content at noon or after 7:00pm. And what about the frequency of posting? You must think about the quality instead of quantity: one article of good quality per day is more profitable than two or four mediocre articles.

So, how are you engaging with your customers on social media?

Have you ever used any of these tactics?

These are only some advice to improve your social media strategy, but they are enough as starting point  and brainstorm.

Image Credits: Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot. Via

Image Credits: Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot. Via

Digital Distributed Live

Streaming Video Broadcasters

  • Live broadcasting
  • Intelligent Distribution
  • Reducing Bandwidth Costs
  • Enabling Peer to Peer

Our services aim to reduce the cost of broadcasting over the Internet by upto 80%

Broadcasting media is increasing rapidly in both usage and quality, and as a result broadcasters and corporations face an ever-increasing bandwidth and server cost to meet the demands for applications. such as E-Gigging and teleconferencing and general Video streaming. The way streaming is currently published, each viewer inflicts a direct cost for the broadcaster, and as a result the Internet is not yet a financially viable mass medium in comparison to terrestrial TV or radio.

This is where Digital Broadcasters have managed to change things around.


We are always eager to make a website live and see the end result of all the hours of designing and coding ! However a few small things can get overlooked, so its important to have a checklist on the final touches.

Our 10 essential checklist will make sure your site is really ready to go live, avoiding time and money after the deadline of a project!

1. Favicon

Favicon is the little icon that appears on a browser tab or window and easily identifies the site.

It can be created easily on Browsers will pick it up if the favicon.ico is saved in the root directory, but to make sure they always do add the following lines of code in the header section:

<link rel="icon" type="image/x-icon" href="/favicon.ico" />

2. Titles and meta data

Title is very important for SEO, make sure it is correct.

<title>Digital Broadcasters | Web Design London</title>

Meta data is displayed on search results.

<meta name="description" content="Design and build your website with us" />

3. Cross browser checks

The most popular browsers to check are Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9  and 10, Firefox , Safari , Chrome, Opera and the iPhone. Most old browsers are not in use much but you will be surprised how many businesses still use them! They don’t have to be pixel perfect but the user should be able to use it.

4. Proof Read

Read everything. Even if you’ve already read it, read it again. Get someone else to read it. Spelling and grammar mistakes can be embarrassing!

5. Links

Check all links by clicking on them to make sure they are working and point to the correct destination.

6. Functionality checks

Make sure all forms and other functionalities are working properly. Get it tested by a few people and see if they can use it.

7. Analytics

Installing analytics such as free Google analytics is important to measure the performance of the site.  It will provide details of daily unique hits, monthly page views and browser statistics, all useful data to start tracking from day 1!

8. Sitemap

Adding a sitemap.xml file to the root directory allows the major search engines to easily index a website.

You can create the sitemap.xml file on and then upload this to the root directory of the site.

If it’s a wordpress site make sure the Google XML sitemap plugin is installed.

9. Custom error page

If a user lands a page that doesn’t exist, either by misspelling or from an old link, they will be shown a generic 404 error page. This should be edited to direct the user to the homepage or some other part of the website which exists!

10. Back up

It’s important to keep a regular backup of a site if it contains a database.  Make sure all content and images are backed up and available if some error occurs on hosting.

For wordpress sites – install wordpress database backup plugin, which can be set up to automatically email you with update.

For a more extensive checklist to cover everything , from checks related to content and style, standards and validation, search engine visibility, functional testing, security/risk, performance and marketing.


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Keyword rich domains in my eyes use to be the most powerful asset that a companies website could own. Google would look at this as a starting point when crawling a website and publishing its ranking on SERP – therefor the first thing Google robots used to register when crawling a website was this.

How more so with exact-match domain, for example “ rather then companynameusedcars”. These on-page tactic its is know as a fact are considered rather influential as far as Google is concerned. Most probably followed by the Title tags and H1 embedded code. Many companies have now used and abused this and purchased many gold domain names, some at a premium and some even smarter and more dedicated website “at cost”.
Well guess what? Google are now clocking on to this and have changed their approach as far as domain names are concerned.

web spam team announcement

Matt Cutts, head of Google's web spam team announcement

During late september, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s anti web spam team announced that Google where about to role out an algorithm that would reduce low quality exact domains match in its SERP. As a result many websites have suffered a reduce in numbers to there site and sometime have even completely gone off the radar (the real spammy ones that is).

It’s a been a long time coming but personally I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly.
When Matt published this, apparently it was to effect around 0.6% of English-US searches and is completely unrelated to the Panda or Penquin update. But by judging by our clients we believe these numbers to be much higher.

In one aspect I canunderstand why Google have done it, but being the devils advocate – this strategy was giving smaller companies the opportunity to rank well in Google as long as other areas of their SEO where intact. And in order for their SEO to be intact, this required research into Google Optisation and its techniques. Therefore additional interaction and education was needed with Google and their web team. Everyone’s a winner!!

Combining good genuine content, great on-page optimsation, and a social love, I believe everyone is still fair game as long as they don’t try and cheat the system; giving SME still an opportunity to achieve great results by being truthful and focusing on an area on Google Search which they are good at.
I will be doing some research on how we should proceed if like me, you have keyword rich domains within your online marketing strategy and what to do next.

Louis Vuitton have taken integrating lifestyle and digital to the next level with their latest designer app. Any company today with basic digital presence maintains an active Facebook page in order to connect and engage with its customers, but the best outcome that a business can hope to get through liking and sharing is that their activity goes viral.

Whilst noticing a post made by a company is of course a step in the right direction in terms of marketing, relatively few go on to discover more about what a brand has to offer by visiting their website. It is all too easy to look at a sharing competition, share the link and like the page in the hope of winning £100 and a crate of Red Bull without even realising what the company does or what it has to offer. By the nature of their design, websites will always be more comprehensive and informative than social media pages.

In response, Louis Vuitton have come up with a way of being needed by the public. With thousands travelling abroad on vacation this summer, Louis have introduced an app called The Art of Packing. We’ve all been there – wishing that expandable insert was just a bit more expandable for the six pairs of heels, three maxis and eight bikinis essential for a long weekend in Newquay. So who better to teach us the doctrine of luxury ergonomics than the big LV themselves?

The app features a step-by-step tutorial on how to pack everything you need, with three suitcase styles to choose from (just don’t go confusing your Azler with your Pégase). Whilst the suitcases used in these demos might cost more than the holiday itself, the idea behind the app holds a particularly unique value. Louis Vuitton are engaging current and potential customers alike by offering a service practical for us all. The service relates directly to the brand, working as a sort of advert that the public are being drawn to watch. It’s like warm advertising. The app covers the mobile side of things, whilst there are links straight to Louis Vuitton collections, keeping ease of access optimal.

So fedoras off to Louis Vuitton for producing a tech-savvy, topical marketing strategy that for once thinks outside the (beautifully-packed) box.


Digital Broadcasters are experts in the field of interactive website design. Our award-winning interactive website design team bring you the very best in interactive brand strategy, building the public’s trust in your brand, whilst our in-house design team make your live website reach its full potential by focusing on user experience.

We understand that interactive websites especially must be easy for your user to navigate around, and our developers work to marry the most user-friendly experience with beautiful and innovative interactive website design.

Find out just how much we can do for you

Feel free call us on 020 7477 2269 to find out more about how we can help to maximise your online presence, visit our friendly advisors in our London head office for a chat.

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