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Everybody wants to increase traffic and social engagement on his own website and social networks.

As well as following the tips in our article “How to improve your Social Media Engagement” there is another method very attractive for users wanting to create a competition, usually called Giveaway. People love getting a discount or winning something for free: participating  in your contest they will advertise your brand involuntarily.

But how you can make an efficient giveaway?


Step one

First of all you have to determine the goal of your competition giveaway: is it for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube…? What does it focus on? And not least, how much will your budget be? It’s really important choose the correct strategy depends the goal and the place of the giveaway.

Step Two

Second step concerns the prize and the duration of the competition: about the first one you need to offer something tempting but which is consistent with your brand, something that people could want and for which they can “waste” five minutes of their time … something that’s worth it!
The duration of the contest must be neither too short nor too long: in the first case, users would not have enough time to participate (and thus you’d end up having little advertising and few participants), but not too long because users will forget your competition: usually a month is a good compromise.

Now you have all that you need to create your giveaway.

Step 3

On internet you can find a lot of tools (free too) to help you manage social on the web, dont worry they are not indispensable, but they can make it easier. One of them is Rafflecopter. With the free version you can ask for a like the Facebook fanpage, follow the Twitter account and tweet a message, write a blog comment or create a personal request. It provides you a widget to publish on Facebook, or a link to share everywhere. It will record all entries (which will be displayed in a chart) and finally it will draw lots as many as winners you want.

If you don’t want to use tools like this you can create a suggestive image and share it on your social network asking to like/follow the page/account, like the image and share it with their friends (remember to tell them to put the public privacy of the post shared). At the end of the contest you will need extract the winner and check he followed the all step by yourself.

Even though, you can use both!

The last things that you can do to promote your giveaway are make a great newsletter and send it to your mailing list and try to submit it in other website and social network.

Win Win

When you will have your winner, you have to send the prize and delete the giveaway,

You have now gained new fans/followers and improved your social engagement to increase your mailing list!

Blue Valley is a London based Florist, ranging from ready made bouquets, Plants and also provides its own event management team. After four years of trading, the company’s co-founder, Mr Sinvani, wanted to create an eCommerce website that would allow its customers to place orders and access detailed catalogue information.


  • Total re-design of website structure
  • New look interface
  • eCommerce website must compliment existing sales channels
  • Order management system that would enable staff to quickly process orders and handle customer enquiries
  • Create new products on the website
  • Provide online self service account creation and management for customers
  • Content rich product previews of publications
  • Product promotion facility

The Blue Valley website contains a number of eCommerce features:

  • Account Builder – Before they can buy items from the site the user must set -up an account. This enables them to save and track their orders incase they wish to browse elsewhere and return to the site. It also allows Blue Valley to administer orders through the web, providing them with detailed transaction, stock and customer information.
  • Product Display – The site has an easy to use browser interface allowing users to access an array of catalogue specific information, such as multiple thumbnail pictures and details of product.
  • Newsletter – The newsletter allows customers to sign up to on-site. This provides information about forthcoming publications and special offers.
  • Branding – Special attention has also been taken to ensure that the ‘look and feel’ of the site is not only evocative of Blue Valley brand image but also appeals to wide customer base.


Since launch in October 2002, the website has doubled the Return On Investment and took its first order within 30 minutes of launch. The site has gained over 1249 registered customers from all over the world and as of 23/08/2005, has attracted over 145,000 visits.

London’s professional ecommerce website designers.

Ecommerce website design can help to take your online business to the next level. With the help of ecommerce and design, your customers can more quickly, easily, and efficiently browse through your site and make purchases. Read more

Ecommerce website design can help to take your online business to the next level. With the help of ecommerce website design, your customers can more quickly, easily, and efficiently browse through your site and make purchases.

With high quality ecommerce website design, you will find that your sales will increase as the costs to run your site actually decreases. Obviously, this translates into more profit for your business.

With professional ecommerce website design, you can create a custom design that is attractive to search engines while still being simple for your customers to navigate. In addition, the design can be integrated into your HTML newsletters, the home page of your website, and even into your partner and affiliate websites.

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