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Today, more people than ever are using their mobile phone to access the internet. Prediction says that mobile internet use may exceed desktop internet use by as early as 2014. Due to this change in how people browse, web designers have to shift their focus to the mobile presence of their internet

There are three main routes that they can choose to take in regards to how their website functions: Adaptive web design, Responsive web design or entirely separate mobile sites. Each have their advantages and disadvantages, and its a complicated choice as to which makes more sense for developers to use.

Unbenannt-1 copySeparate mobile sites redirect the user to a different URL when the sites detects they are on a mobile. These mobile sites are entirely separate, with different layout and URLs, but they function similarly to the main page. They may offer similar, less, more or completely different options than the main site.

Adaptive web design fixes features on a site one-by-one in response to what deviceyou are accessing the site with. There are several approaches to adaptive sites.  They can replace certain elements (such as replacing a large menu bar with a smaller drop-down menu,) add elements (such as inserting a GPS or phone button that wouldn’t work on a desktop,) take away features and content (that might seem extraneous for the mobile site) or swap elements around in other ways beneficial to the device it is being accessed on. A common adaptive change is for the images and content to be replaced with smaller images when the detected screen size is smaller.Untitled2 copy

Responsive web design is when every element of the entire main website is designed to resize and reorganize correctly based on the browser window size (or other defining factor) through which it is being accessed. This way, it’s the same site on both an iPhone or a desktop. It is made to prioritize important parts of the site, organising them in the forefront as the site elements change layout/spacing/size to neatly fit whatever browser size it’s being accessed on- which includes anything from desktops, to tablets, to mobile screens. Instead of swapping out elements for different mobile elements, like adaptive design, it simply takes the same page and rearranges it, using a fluid grid. Changing the browser window’s size on a desktop screen demonstrates this effect, as the elements rearranges and slide around fluidly in responsive to the size of the window. Technically, responsive web design is a subset of adaptive web design, but is more recent and more complex.

Untitled5 copyOne crucial concept when it comes to choosing what kind of mobile site to use is that of “content parity.” Content parity is the idea that users should not be at a advantage depending on what device they are using to browse. The same content should be available across all platforms, and no pages should end with error messages reading. ” This concept not available on mobile.” In regards to this, responsive web design has the advantage. It’s a way to have the mobile and full -sized sites have all the same content, and have no discrepancies between them. Because its the same elements, getting resized and moved around, it’s almost the same experience from device to device. However, responsive design has its flaws too. Due to the complex nature of it, it takes a lot more time, money and hard work to create a responsive design–because in doing it , the entire main website has to essentially be redesigned . In addition, its complex nature means there is a lot of room for error. It is not uncommon for navigation bars or images to scale or move incorrectly on responsive websites. Another issue is that responsive web design is harder to explain to clients, since they are much more complicated than static websites of which most people are knowledgeable.

Untitled7 copyMany major business and brands now have responsive web platforms, and it continues to grow in popularity as an option. Some notable responsive sites include Microsoft, Barack Obama’s campaign site, grey Goose vodka and Boston Globe. More and more universities and business are using responsive sites as a way to tackle the issue of increased mobile.

Separate mobile website have their own strengths and weakness. Generally, the biggest issue with having a redirect to a mobile website is that the two are not hosting the same content. There is a large change for disparity between them. Also, while sending links out from a mobile site, the URL is different for mobile links. Because of this, the content often does not display correctly on a desktop if it does not know to redirect. In addition, mobile sites often leave out a lot of the elements of the main site, which can prove problematic. Aside from these flaws, mobile sites can still work, and are often utilized. If designed properly, they can be similarly as functional as an adaptive or responsive website.

Adaptive website have their advantages and disadvantages as well. Adaptive and responsive are more similar than it first appear- both tackle the same task of having the mobile experience be the same page as the desktop experience, but altered for mobile usability. Sites can use a combination of both adaptive and responsive elements. There are some problems unique to the adaptive design experience. However, one complication is the way that images are changed due to the device accessing it. The problem is that  the way images display doesn’t  just depend on the size of the browser. It also matters what the screen resolution of the device is, and the bandwidth–and these factors can be independent of one another, so images may not always properly adapt (with responsive design, they are resized on a sliding scale instead of being replaced). Another issue is because the adaptive site is the small full site with certain elements changed, it might be slow to load all of the site’s features.

There is no definitive answer for what  the “best” approach is. Responsive web design may be popular, but it is not without its flaws. In the end, the most important fact is that many people primarily access the web with their smartphones, and the numbers are only going up, it is no longer an option for mobile experiences to be lacking. Keeping content parity, ease of use, cost and  difficulty of production and other factors in mind, companies can make the right choice for what their personal needs are. As more and more people use their phones to access the internet, the blurrier the line between “full-size” and “mobile” sites will be.


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Our digital area of expertise is within the entertainment industry, with clients including Led Zeppelin and Jeff Beck. Our services include:

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We design attractive, unique and professional websites that keep your customers coming back for more. Each website comes fully equipped with a Content Management System.

We discuss your business and product plan in depth, sharing ideas and strategies before letting our creative and technological juices flow.
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Think our expertise stops at high-quality website design? Think again. Our team of website developers is also involved with the marketing of your website, with all parts managed from a Central Database System. We integrate the best marketing techniques into the overall website experience, with the final product not only being eye-catching and practical, but attracting all the right clicks too.

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Every website should satisfy the best design and coding, so that there is no problem when a customer opens your website to order their product. We use some of the most popular software applications and programs, including Adobe Photoshop, Flashplayer and Dreamweaver.

In addition to these, we have many other applications that are fully suitable for designing your website’s template. With regard to coding, our website editors work with the most commonly used HTML and PHP.

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Developing your web design London site is an expensive thing; you can also expect to have visitors on it. When you will have launched your website design London, visitors will not go on by themselves. If you only wait, your traffic will stay at the same point. You will also have to learn how to drive free-targeted traffic on your web design London site.

Firstly, you should submit the URL of your website design London on a lot of search engines on the web. Most of the search engines will pick up your web design London site, but it normally takes some time. You have to submit your London digital agency website by your own way. If not, search directories won’t find your web design London site. Search directories can be useful for your website as well because it’s used by small search engines which check their listings for their search results.

After that, you will have to show a specific interest in a sector by finding a niche. For example, if you try to sell website hosting, you will find a lot of directories which propose to website owners to submit their URL freely, even if you are a blog owner.

Social bookmarking websites grow very rapidly. These kinds of website begin to be really known and popular. Nowadays, some people use them to find what they are looking for instead of using search engines. By this way, your researches will be more targeted and then, you will have more chance to find a pleasing result. The fact that you rely on other web users permit them to provide you a useful answer to your problem.

Publishing a press release is another good method to improve you web design London site traffic. A lot of services propose to put your article about your London digital agency for free. More than publishing your article, they will submit it to others websites. This process can be a real asset to grow traffic on your website design London.

Submitting articles about your web design London site is another good way to promote your London digital agency website. Firstly, it’s better to write articles about your company or related to your niche. You can incorporate a link directing to your web design London site at the bottom of the article. Lastly, you will have to put keywords in your article to be able to be found on the Internet. If they represent between 2 and 5% of your content in some articles, it should be an asset to improve your ranking on search engines and then traffic on your website design London.

Social media is growing rapidly, take advantage of this: create your own London digital agency page on social networks. It’s a free and powerful way to make your web design London site known. It gives you the possibility to meet potential customers and moreover to appear in their companies search results after that. To conclude, social networking is another good free method to drive traffic on your website.

One of the most important things for every Internet marketer is to have a well-visited web design London site. This topic will show you 10 different methods to increase web traffic on your London digital agency website.

1. Pay per click. Proposed by Google Adwords, Yahoo Marketing; you have to pay the host of your advert each time someone clicks on it. A lot of others paid search engines offer this service. Moreover, your London digital agency has a very good ranking on search engines if you use these kinds of ads.

2. Blogging. It’s another way to have a good ranking. It works with special keywords. Blogging can also grow the number of members to your RSS feed. Visitors can also repeat their connections on your web design London site and it will increase your traffic.

3. Social bookmarking. One of the best websites to bookmark your blog URL is Social Marker. That will permit the search engines to find your London digital agency and also to lead more visitors on your web design London site.

4. Article marketing. On Long term, it can be a great way to promote your web design London site. Readers can also find your London digital agency easily on the Internet if you incorporate a link in your resource box.

5. Article videos. Article Video Robot offers to transform written articles into videos. Your London digital agency videos will also be present on websites like YouTube.

6. Video marketing. Youtube gets 85% of world video traffic. It’s also a good way to bring new visitors on your website design London. It also permits you to show more of your London digital agency on search engines (Youtube is owned by Google).

7. Email marketing. Mails you send to your customers list have to contain a link that permits them to join your web design London site. Furthermore, your mail has to promote products you have launched and news about your London digital agency.

8. Broadcast a newsletter. Putting articles online is a good method of promoting your new products and giving information about your web design London.

9. Viral marketing. It is a good thing to the extent that you will be able to spread your business thanks to the other Internet users. If you post videos on You Tube, online articles about your London digital agency, you will extend your web design London site easily all over the Internet.

10. Go offline. Keep in mind that Internet is not the only way to improve your website design London traffic. Continuing to use old manners can be useful: print flyers, business cards, newspaper ads, etc. The problem is that offline advertising can be expensive.

To conclude, these 10 methods should help you to increase your web traffic. Try to use different one to make your London digital agency known as it is the easiest way possible. Don’t forget that Internet gather a large number of different users, who frequently browse different websites. Try to lead them on your site.

If your web design London site visits are falling, there are different manners to improve his design, his look, his attractiveness… and then to do more business. Keep in mind that what your website looks like is often the main impression that followers will keep of your London digital agency.
If your website is old-fashioned, or hard to navigate, visitors usually don’t stay on and leave rapidly. Consequences can be grave for your London digital agency if each visitor desert your website;

Raising your London digital agency website:
If you want a more appealing website and a better ranking to grow your business, follow this tips to know what parts of your web design London site aren’t good and which you should improve:

1. Be really carefully downward every page of your website. Have a depth review of your web design London site to avoid stupid and unfortunate errors. Accept the critics from others and don’t be anxious to give your opinion. You and your colleagues are different people but are a team. If you work in-group, you will have a more universal web design London site which could be attractive and pleasant for more people.

2. Try to have a good ranking on search engines. For example, 90 per cent of people searching something on Google never go on the second page. The easiest way customers will find and go on your web design London site, the better it will be for your London digital agency.

3. If it’s difficult to navigate on your website design London, if there are broken links… visitors won’t stay on your website. Nothing is more boring than don’t find details you want, have difficulty to navigate on the website.

4. If your customers postulate a feedback about your website design London, listen to them and try to satisfy them by the best way. Don’t forget that you’re customers represent the most important thing for your London digital agency.

5. Finally, don’t forget to have a professional web design London site. From the top to bottom, your website has to be well designed and clear. Website is an important thing for your London digital agency: if your have to spend more money in, don’t hesitate.

Your web design London site need some upgrading, it’s not as expensive as you believe. Upgrading your website is nice because you can put new information on customers can easily know actuality of your London digital agency. Upgrade your website is a quick and easy way to have new customers. If your website is attractive and well represents your London digital agency, you are also competitive.

Don’t forget that upgrading regularly your website is one of the most important investment to advert. That permits to your clients to follow you easily.
To conclude, above tips can be useful for your web design London site: Keep in mind that nowadays, website is a really important thing for a company.

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