The Legal Requirements to Operate an Online Store Part 1

As with any business, there exist gamuts of legal aspects which must be adhered to. And as an e-commerce website design London may be perceived as a tax free business in your head, nothing could be further from the actualities of running a London digital agency e-commerce business. Moreover, it is clear that an online web design London store is not at all different from the ‘physical’ stores or website design London businesses. Provided below are a few pointers to keep in mind when commencing business online:

Online Business License

Regulatory laws for an online London digital agency store licence differ from country to country or in some cases, even from region or state. Conversely, licences are not all the same either; they differ according to the products that your web design London online shop is selling.

Acquiring a licence is a considerably effortless process. But for products such as alcohol, firearms, pharmaceuticals and the likes of such, the licensing process can be rather complex. An updated business licence is required for a website design London business bank account instead of a personal one.

Advertisements on Your Website

Do ascertain that your marketing methods put down via text on your web design London site are true whilst making sure that you do not boast about claims that you cannot uphold. Furthermore, if you play host to advertisers on your London digital agency site, you are responsible for the pay per click ads placed on your website design London and additionally ensure that the sites are not deceitful in nature.

Product Liability

Say if you were an online merchant that engages in selling goods that could be somewhat dangerous, it would be astute to consider a limited legal structure for your web design London business whilst also attaining liability insurance.


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