Twitter for your business – Part IV

Tip 4: Be Part of the Community

Do not perceive Twitter as your personal wall. It certainly isn’t one. It can therefore be summed up as a social community with a depth of millions of members and while it does exist as a platform for a virtual, social gathering, it is nonetheless not very tolerant towards users who are relentlessly advertising.

Make it a point to adhere to the 80-20 rule when implementing business ethics in Twitter i.e. do not let your business dictate more than 20% of your Tweets while the other 80% should ideally consist of non promotional and rather personal activity. And if this figure can be further extended to accommodate figures such as 90-10 or in some cases, where the company already accommodates a higher degree of goodwill, a 95-5 would be optimum.

Make it a point to listen as much as you tweet, maybe even more and create an environment of interaction with your followers and who you follow. After all, Twitter is a platform of social conversation straight to the point.

Again, re-tweeting your friend’s plea’s to impart aid (for instance, charity appeals and sponsorship requests) is a wise choice.


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