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Our web and Online video services encompases, PR(Public Relations) marketing videos, Online Advertisement Videos, Viral Videos, Brand Recognition, Event coverage, Documentaries, Info graphics videos, web videos, Video montage, Product/Service review videos and lots more. Our vast web and online expertise puts us in a better position to deliver engaging online video content tailored to your needs and targeted to your desired audience. Below are our services tailored to your needs.

The Video Production Stages

  1. Pre production(Scripting, Writing, Planing, Staging and Equipment list)
  2. Production(Directing, Filming, Lighting, Data storage/backup)
  3. Post Production(Editing, Visual Effects, Color grading, Rendering)

Plan, Produce and Deliver. It’s all in the e-mix

1-Commercial/Promo Videos

PR Marketing Videos

With the birth of social media and customer engagement its essential to keep you customers abreast with your latest products and service. It has also become essential to relate closely to your existing customers while reaching out to potential customers, bringing and keeping them in the loop. Lets help you keep your customers returning and informed with your latest products and services, delivering refreshing online video content to engage your customers, both existing and new.

Advertisement Videos

The Online advertisement space is constantly evolving with new ways of reaching out and adverting to potential customers. Due to current internet speed and availability, online videos has become a means to reach out to potential customers/clients selling you products and service at easy whilst entertaining you them. Lets help you deliver and sell your products with engaging video to keep both existing and potential customers/clients coming for more products and services


2-Explainer /Infomercial videos

2D graphics Infomercials

Illustrations say a thousand words in an instant. With 2D illustrations you can promote, sell, and advertise a product or service beyond its physical appearance. Using animations and motion graphics we can help sell products and services with ease.

3D graphics Infomercials

Lets bring your Product and Service to life. With advent of 3D animation, product marketing has never remained the same, from animated logos to product and Prototypes, we can help deliver and sell your Audience your vision or illustrate functionalities and qualities beyond their physical appearance.


3-Testimonials Videos

Product Reviews

Customer satisfaction is keep. Customer ratings help boost confidence and reliability. Lets help you show potential customers how happy your existing customers are by creating refreshing and exciting testimonials, portraying you customer satisfaction level.

Service Reviews

Happy Clients means Great service. Good Client ratings and review spikes the interest of potential clients. Lets help you express your existing clients satisfaction to potential clients

4-Documentary Videos

CRS(Cooperate Social Responsibility) Videos

Lets help your showcase your CSR initiative with clear concise and engaging video content portraying the values your organisation brings and adds to the society

Brand Recognition

With the ever growing competition in your industry and the web its necessary to market and put across values that make your brand /Organisation stand out and to leave a lasting impression on your customers. Lets help make your Brand standout online with engaging video content that leaves a lasting impression to keep your customers spreading the word and promoting your brand

Events Coverage

Looking to cover your company events, travels, social life or bring your vision to life visually? Look no further. Lets help create a window to your company, cover live events, documentaries and provide you with all you need to bring your vision to life with engaging visual content



Pre Production

From concept generation to treatments and scripts, We provide you with exceptional Scripts to keep your viewers and clients engaged

Post Production

For your professional voice over and copyright free sounds and background team music look no further

Why you should consider our Digital Agency?

The products Digital Broadcasters produce can be designed exactly to the Customers’ requirements. Our digital agency understands the need for emphasising and differentiating your business from the others and we highly value the tailor made solutions making sure all that is applied enables profit maximisation and customer satisfaction for you. However, once this is met, it does not mean the product will be allowed to go stale. Features will allow it to be modified as much as the Customers needs.

The products are also advanced in that they incorporate the latest web technology trends. The customers will have the impression of purchasing a product customised for their individual needs. What will compound this is not simply being left alone once the product is purchased. Making sure our customers and clients stay with us for a long period of time, we will stay as long as you feel good with how the product is operating. This extends further by having easy access to our customer services. We will endeavour to respond to any possible questions, suggestions and queries at the earliest.

Our products are subjected to external Auditors PCI DSS. You don’t have to only take our word in trying to convince you of our Security. All the prices stated will be clearly defined with no additional small print.

For more information on how we can help you with your project, or talk about another website design company or to find out more on Ecommerce solutions you can contact us by email sales@dbnm.co.uk alternatively telephone 020 7477 2269

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