Social media: Prepare for battle

Previously social media has been seen as an ad on amongst brand creative’s, simply an entity which companies can engage with consumers through yet another method.
2010 however will see a significant rise in spend on social media. This comes as brands begin integrating it within business models and communication strategies to reach a wider audience. Integration was the notion for social media in the past year, 2010, on the contrary will see it at the top of existing campaigns and have marketers brainstorming new ideas from the get go.
If there is one thing we have learned in 2009, is that social networking is a mainstream activity which cannot be disregarded or placed on the back burner. In line with 2010 predictions, such activity will become increasingly popular through the rise of smart phones. We already have dedicated I phone applications for Facebook and Twitter, the rise in hand held technology and creative mobile user interfaces will only increase traffic.
UK commercial director of Facebook, Stephen Haines claimed marketers consistently have to rethink how they target and engage their customers. Relationships must be direct and involve continuous effort to improve and authenticate that very relationship. In short consumers do not enjoy being sold to; rather, they prefer to engage in conversation about their experience and involvement with the brand.
In conclusion, Brands will need to enter the social space to keep a strong focus on consumer trends and build positive connotations. Although some will still experience with the matter and tred cautiously, we will most definitely see a rise in the active pursuit for business through social networking means.

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