Avoid click fraud for your website design London: Part I

Click fraud has posed as a massive predicament for many a web design London agency. Considering that you advertise your website design London with major players such as Overture or Google AdWords, there exists a large probability that you end up incurring very heavy costs for your London Digital Agency clicks.

So what is click fraud?

Well, click fraud can be defined as the practice of augmenting the number of clicks via artificial or natural intelligence, contextual to a pay per click online campaigns for your website design London agency.

From Google’s perspective, click fraud or invalid clicks is a method implemented to artificially and/or spitefully spawn clicks or page impressions for companies like London digital agencies.

Whatever the definition may be, click fraud simply suggests that someone or some bot is tricking you thereby leading you to pay more than you anticipated for your web design London pay per click campaigns.

How big a problem is click fraud?

None of the pay per click companies denies the fact that pay per click fraud exists. In the view of some web analytics companies such as many a London digital agency, an estimated 50% of all clicks are claimed to be fraudulent. This brings us to say that your pay per click activities are essentially half as effective as they should be due to unethical activity.

There is the final part to this excerpt so do look out for the same in the later half of the day.


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