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The Web is a crowded place today! Hundreds of websites are getting added each day. The competition to ‘catch the eye’ of the visitor is getting fierce with each passing day. Today, more than ever before a successful and popular website is the ticket to a flourishing and profitable business. There is much emphasis on having good ecommerce website design, and the race is now to stay one step ahead by using some of the best website design features to ensure success of the website.

With varying complexities, from simple to fashionable to composite, websites come in many designs. Yet it’s only the individual features and quality of your website that set it apart from the competition. There are several different website design features that can contribute towards making your site successful. But use of appropriate features for your business website depends on the budget you can spare for the designing of the website.

You can consult with a reputable and experienced website designing company to determine the most appropriate style and features for your site. You can also select the best website design features to create a dynamic, attractive yet functional website from below:

  1. The main page or the ‘homepage’ of your website is the first point of interaction. This page needs to be specific and should exactly talk about your offering/s alone. In ecommerce website design, this feature should be given prominence. Remember, if your potential customer can’t find the services or products offered on your website’s homepage easily, they are unlikely to spend time looking for the information.
  1. Always have an ‘About Us’ page that holds the relevant information for your company and you. The page should include your company name, background on the company, contact details, and email address. You can also post your picture and company logo on this page.
  1. Another very important feature is a well-written Privacy Policy page that is transparent with regards to your policy on personal information of the visitors. If you want, you can also explain your reasons for collection personal information. Finally, make sure you have displayed the copyright information at the bottom of the Privacy Policy page.
  1. The navigation of your website is very crucial for its success. A good website design means easy navigation that helps the user to access pages without confusing them. Have navigational links on each page. Have a site map that can guide users about the various sections and on interconnectivity.
  1. Use tables to display data and links in a neatly manner. Tables also help provide a uniform and organized appearance for your website.
  1. Pay special attention when selecting colours and text for your site’s background. A busy and much too colourful background hampers readability and draws the user’s attention away from the text. Be consistent in your use of colours and themes on every page.
  1. The importance of well-written and error-free content on your website can’t be over emphasised. Ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors.

Remember, it’s important that you spend time for researching, designing and planning your website. After all, your success depends on how well-designed your website is!

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