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Dailys – Website Design Revamp including Multiple Language Database


Dailys of Manchester required a website befitting a world-renowned business that would serve a multitude of purposes: present itself as a vital informational resource for expertise in non-woven products; provide products and services for use in sectors including Medical, Industrial, Beauty Care and Consumer Markets; and promote the commercial company, including the ability for customers to enquire about their products online. This was the challenge presented to Digital Broadcasters.

digital commuications

A clear and consistent navigation scheme was developed utilizing a consistent color combination in a hierarchy format for each section to create both a sense of motion/dynamics and to lend a sense of importance to each one. Different fonts were employed to further distinguish among the site’s various sections.

Maintenance & Updates

The action step recommendations included in the quarterly consulting reports can be put into effect with site adjustments to improve functionality, customer ease of use, uploading new products, information, and certification. Digital Broadcasters considers all of its sites to be works in progress, always looking for ways to improve effectiveness for clients.

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