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Keeping in Touch with Consumers Through SMS Messaging

One way to reach a broader market of consumers is through SMS messaging, also known as text messaging. SMS messaging is becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages and, as such, is turning into the largest area of untapped marketing possibilities.

Some businesses are starting to realize the possibilities that SMS messaging present to them and their businesses. First of all, if you have potential customers or current customers that have opted in to receive your SMS messages, you have found an excellent way to build a relationship with your customer base.

Many businesses currently run opt-in email campaigns. Opt-in SMS messaging campaigns operate under the same philosophy – by getting your customer base to opt-in to your messages, you can establish yourself as an authority in the field and put yourself in prime position to be the first business the customer turns to when needing to purchase an item or have a service performed.

SMS messaging also makes it possible to easily spread the word about certain promotions that you may decide to have. Perhaps you are having a one day sale that is only open to those that receive a special invitation through SMS messaging. With this type of marketing campaign, you give your customer base a reason to opti-in to your messages while also effectively encouraging them to come do some shopping at your store.

SMS messaging also makes it possible for you to inform your customer about new products that have been added to your inventory or about changes that you may be making in the structure of your business. These open lines of communication help with building relationships with your clients while also helping to reduce confusion by keeping your customers informed.


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