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Welcome back to the fifth edition of our weekly news where our website design London agency cover the latest on goings of the Microsoft Google contention, Google’s ‘like’ feature, the new addition to our team and much more.

To start of with, our London digital agency would like all our fans to be notified of our spanking new Facebook page integrated with many more features to keep in touch with us. The ‘Like’ button is well assimilated with our website and would make it rather effortless for us to keep in touch with you and the other way around. So please do ‘Like’ us so that we could keep you up to date.

The rivalry between Microsoft and Google has ignited again as Microsoft has recently announced that they are intending to initiate a complaint against Google and put forth the same to the European Commission. Reason being, Microsoft strongly feel that Google are taking undue advantage of their prominent position as the leaders of the search engine sector and trying to throw the smaller players off the grid. The mainframe of Microsoft’s complaint is that Google are imposing limitations on the Bing search just to index web content.

On the flipside though, Google have just added a new social based feature to their search engine results and is called ‘+1’. It has the same characteristics as the one found on the Facebook page wherein, users can attest their personal approval on any content they reckon to be worthy to stay on the web. Web analysts suggest that this could be the biggest step taken by Google yet to entice the social media market and it is yet to be seen if this new feature would affect the search engine rankings of many a web design London websites.

But as busy as times at the Google HQ are, they did nonetheless find some time to pull a global prank on April fools day. They broadcasted a new feature known as ‘Gmail Motion’ which presumably, permitted users to interact with your Gmail account through body motions. It claimed that worked by just the use of your computer camera and a special tracking algorithm. A great effort from Google but in all modesty, it couldn’t entice our creative technologists at our website design London agency to try the fictitious feature.

Online shopping services giant Amazon has unveiled information of the launch of their version of the Cloud Drive and Cloud Player service. The Cloud Drive would impart a remarkable 5 GB of storage space on their servers thereby permitting the user to access their personalised media from any computer. At the moment, the service is usable only via the web and android devices but does lay exception to the iOS player.

Finally, we are happy to share the news of another creative technologist joining our family of specialists. Yes, he hails from Turkey and is here working with us on a permanent basis. A web designer by vocation, his work dictates who he is as he brings his personal attributes and traits to the table; we are more than delighted to gain another brain for all the required inputs.

This is how it stood in the week gone by; do tune in again in the coming week. Thanks for reading.


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