Digital Live Event Streaming

Live Event Streaming

Live streaming empowers you to broadcast an on going event, occasion or any other function in real time to a set of audience over the internet. This can include a gamut of options from simple webcam broadcasts to embedding a major musical or sporting event. The same methods can also be implemented for use in businesses purposes such as presentations and conferences along with use at educational and personal events too.

Selling from the start

However, the costs are factored around four aspects

  • The event duration
  • Required quality
  • Number of viewers
  • Provision of production services (equipment and operators)

A service like Live Event Streaming allows you to broadcast top quality audio and video content directly to you choice of audience, live! And regardless of the use of a webcam or professional production team, the outcome of the service would not be compromised when you choose our services.

A continuum of business sectors along with individuals has already acknowledged that Live Event Streaming is a sure way to boost the media viewing experience.

Streaming entails fruitful education solutions with Online Coaching, Specialist Training and Web Based Learning solutions all available to any computer in real time.

Businesses are now harnessing its potentials by using the same for conferences, presentations, seminars, annual meetings and product launches; all of which can be viewed simultaneously by third parties involved at a global scale.

Streaming has also taken a leap to touch our personal lives by enabling us to view global on goings such as music concerts, church services, sporting events and weddings.

Live Event Streaming Explained

Live Events usually remain constant only contrasting in terms of scale. Say for instance, you have scheduled the broadcast of the front of your house, this would initiate exactly in that manner but however, the following would take place backstage:

  1. Audio and video is digitally captured with the suitable equipment (webcam, camcorder, mixers etc.)
  2. The output is then funnelled to the PC via proper interface hardware
  3. The encoding software on the master PC then inputs the same in a format that would be apt for live streaming
  4. This encoded output is then channelled through the PC’s internet connection to the streaming servers
  5. This output is taken in by our streaming servers and broadcasted again, live to as many users as you fancy through our website link that can be embedded on your website.

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