Ecommerce Checklist


Your website
URL on all your collateral
Does your switchboard know company website address?
Does your site feature on a catalogue/brochure request?
Can visitors sign up for email newsletters?
How do you do in search engines?
Does your sites number of pages in Google exceed your no. products?
Have you spent time developing a strategy for keywords?
Are these keywords in your page titles?
Are your category names in your page titles?
Are your product names in your page titles?
Are your images named?
Do you have a listing in the Yahoo directory?
Do you have a listing in the Open Directory?

Online advertising
Are you using pay-per-click advertising?
Does your ratio of products:keywords purchased exceed 10?
Do you have an affiliate program?
Are you running banners or sponsored ads?

Home page
Are major categories featured?
Do you feature any promotions on the home page?
Do you feature any products on the home page?

Is your navigation consistent throughout the site?
Is there a search box?
Is there a specification/feature based search?
Is there a breadcrumb trail?
Can you navigate within categories?
Can customers do a quick order?
Catalogue based navigation
Can you click through products within categories?
Do you have separate navigation for T&C’s etc
Can customers see recently viewed items?
Do your landing pages for offers and adverts?

Customer accounts/service
Are returning visitors recognised?
Does your site store customer account/deliver information?
Can you ship to multiple delivery addresses (per order)?
Can customers see order history?
Can customers see order status?
Do you have wish lists?
Can you buy gift vouchers online?
Can you redeem gift vouchers online?
Do you offer gift wrapping?

Can you accept offer codes?
Do you target offers/products at different segments?
Are your discount schemes clearly visible?
Do your products feature cross sells?
Best-selling categories / products are featured on the site
Can your incentives/prompt customers to spend more?

Do you maintain additional relevant content?
Does you site have stock availability?
Can you compare/sort product price/features?
Do you offer a currency converter/foreign price list?
Do you operate a clear and compelling returns policy?

Are customer addresses stored?
Do you store payment methods?
Do you conduct customer surveys/collect feedback?
Do you send emails at least once a month?
Do you send targeted emails?

Cost reduction
Are orders exported automatically to the back office?
Are cards authorised online?
Can you update content yourself?
Do you use address management software?
Can customers get order status/history online?

You can track offer/media/affiliate codes
Visitors/sales per key phrase can be broken down
You can analyse the source of all visitors
You have visibility of drop-off rates/basket abandonment.
Can you see who searches for what on your site?
You can measure what areas get clicked on
You invest in competitive measurement

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