Engagement; The Right Path for Social Media Chapter 1

This being the first in the three part series; do read further to gain valuable insights on social media and its potential.

Let us commence by suggesting that this is not a good time for you to sit back and take it easy or to an extent, let returns slip away from your reach.

It is now the time for you to re-strengthen your website design London, make it more fruitful and make sure that your customers remain loyal whilst having a continuous streak of engagement and two way interactions.

Not very long ago, Harry Dent Jr. suggested that one should move away from provincial geographic thinking and target thoughts towards demographics. Furthermore, you should seek attention of customers who have the capability and willingness to splurge for what you have on offer, wherever they are and not where you or your London digital agency resides.

Due to these intricacies, a gamut of marketing, media, technology and advertising specialists have incorporated the usage of social media platforms in their planning activities to attain the advantages put forth by the social media environment. Suggestions from the experts claim that many a SME (small and medium sized enterprises) and web design London companies that exist on the main street with a reasonable marketing and advertising budget can gain extended reach, a better goodwill and in turn, increase returns on investments, courtesy of social media.

A great instance for the above mentioned is a very recent teaser message that was broadcasted in an email viral campaign to SME’s which read, “Social Media is the most explosively growing media of all-time and growing faster with each passing day with no slow-down in sight. It took radio 38 years to reach 50 million users. It took TV 13 years to reach 50 million users. Facebook added 100 million users in less than 9 months. And iPhone applications hit 1 BILLION in 9 months.” Remarkable figures they are!

With these suggested figures, it was not hard for entrepreneurs to formulate the fact that platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube could have a resourceful impact on their businesses.

Moreover, please do keep in mind that social media should either work in amalgamation, or complement traditional marketing methods and its related selling techniques to build on relationship marketing with rather conventional methods such as cold calling, vertical marketing and its related prospect collaterals.

It is wise for small website design London entrepreneurs to spare some time and educate themselves on the working ways of the social media platforms but please be advised, do not rely on this environment to attain sales for you as an SME entrepreneur. Social media is a podium wherein, the business owner can engage their customers and potential customers and get them to interact about things that are important to both parties involved. This engagement is considered imperative as it would, in due course, lead the customers and potential customers to take action the business owner envisaged them to take….eventually leading to a sale!

Thats the end of the first part, but do come back on Monday for chapter 2. Thanks for reading. Have as great weekend!


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