How to archive the old emails on Gmail?

Are you exhausted trying to clean old emails in your inbox without success? Yes! Use Google’s archive system, an easy way to manage the problem.


Like all inbox, Gmail is going to become bloated with old email. Don’t wait until it is overcrowded to solve the clutter.
The archival system, created by Google for Gmail, can help you. Firstly, you have to determine which email you want to archive. The simplest way is to use the power of search.


Let’s practise

• To obtain a list of email from a specific date, we are going to use keyword searches. In the search box, please tape this keyword:


To limit our search in the inbox, add:

So you will obtain:



• Once you get the list of email, you can begin the archive process. To select all email, check “the Select All check box”.

Caution: it selects only emails on the first page not the whole list. For this reason, you need to click on the link “Select all messages that match this search” to get the expected result.



• Now the last thing to do to finish the archive process is to click on the “Archive button”:


Tip: you will find your archived emails under the “All Mail” label.

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