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In these contemporary times, Internet TV channels has sustained into the perfect way for specialist channels to cater to those niche market. Due to its low cost factors as against the cable and satellite channels, Internet TV is a catalyst for many amateurs and specialists alike to broadcast their message to their audience. Internet TV’s availability can be bifurcated into On Demand or Scheduled service.

The pricing structure of Internet TV is significantly attributed to the type of channel you wish to develop. If you fancy running an On Demand channel wherein, the viewers can select the programs they want to watch from a comprehensive list of choices or you would like to develop a channel where people can tune in to view live broadcasts of our exhaustive list of Internet TV packages.

Having in place your very own Internet TV channel enables you to broadcast high quality material to an audience of your choice. If you envisage running a service like 40D or BBC iPlayer, you can do so with our services found in the On Demand section.

We at Digital Broadcasters, have the ability of streaming many services to a small community TV channel starting from only £150 per month. Conversely, we can also cater to global operations with a large magnitude of viewers via our largely flexible global network infrastructure.

Furthermore, Internet TV empowers you as the producer to relay a viewing opportunity for people that they though was never possible to cater to a niche and these services are already in use for religious groups, sports teams, musicians and many more.

Internet TV also thrives on another great advantage; it can entail aspects of reality by truly initiating interactivity wherein, the viewer can be a part of the show in way of live opinion polls and two way communication modes to make purchases.

Internet TV Explained

The package you need can be attributed to two factors

  • Broadcast quality/ bit rate
  • Maximum number of viewers at any given time

Do remember though, the higher the quality, the higher the costs.

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