Planting Viral Gaming

Planting the Viral Seed

What is seeding and why do I need it?

Seeding is a common term in viral marketing and it refers to the act of planting
your content in key points on the web from which it will hopefully spread. Seeding
is a crucial process, getting it right can give your product a jump start and
trigger an explosive growth in popularity overnight.

Our seeding strategy

We have a tried and tested seeding strategy in place that we use to quickly
initiate the spread of your viral content throughout the web. The Digital Broadcasters
New Media early adopters list is made up of thousands of enthusiastic website
owners, bloggers and key users who have all volunteered to receive viral updates
from us. We keep this list fresh by constantly expanding it through virals we
make for fun to promote our services.

Large web portals attract millions of casual users looking for light entertainment
everyday. Our close relationship with key portals means that we can make your
content visible to thousands of users almost overnight.

Targeting the niche

As well as blanket broadcasting your content we are specialize in promotion
directly in your target market to make sure your content makes an impact where
it is most effective. We are experienced in targeting and making connections
with key figures who have a large influence within their networks, such as blog
owners, webmasters and key industry leaders, which allows us to promote from
the inside.

Introduction to Viral

Virals that generate business

Planting the Viral Seed

Spreading the Viral Love

Controlling the Flow

Other Links

Example of Viral

Macromedia Flash™ Viral game


For more information on how Digital Broadcasters can help with your project, or talk about another web design company; find out more on Viral Gaming solutions by contacting us on email or pick up the phone and dial 020 7477 2269.


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