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Rich Media, which is also often referred to as multimedia, is a form of media that utilizes a number of different methods for relaying information. This may include graphics, text, animation, audio, and video. It may also involve a certain amount if interaction between the user and the media. The term is generally used in reference to websites and methods used to create them.

At Digital Broadcasters, we are experts at creating Rich Media web sites and other applications. With the help of Rich Media, your site can be far more engaging and attractive to your web site visitors. It can also make your site far easier to navigate and, therefore, more user friendly. Of course, the easier your site is to use and the more interesting it is, the more likely your visitors will be to stay on your site and to visit it more often.

One of the greatest advantages to using Rich Media is the fact that your site can be made to offer a high level of interactivity. This can be accomplished through online games or quizzes developed specifically for your site. If these are made to be fun, useful, or interesting enough, you will be sure to enjoy an increase in site traffic as well as returning visitors.

The experts at Digital Broadcasters will work closely with you in order to truly understand the nature of your business. In this way, we can create a web site with Rich Media that will accurately portray your business and that will increase the number of visitors you receive. As a result of this interactivity and the user friendly nature of your web site, you will have a greater chance of gaining new customers and hanging on to those you already have.

For more information on how Digital Broadcasters can help with your project, or talk about another web design company; find out more on Rich Media Web Sites solutions by contacting us on email or pick up the phone and dial 020 7477 2269.

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