Sample Code of Practice Part 1


In our London digital agency’s bid for perfection, we commit ourselves with the greatest depth of honesty in conjunction to all our deals with clients and potential clients alike. This holds true for usual commercial confidentiality and the safeguard of all sensitive personal information received during the tenure of providing business or web development services involved. Moreover, the same standards are provided to our customers, suppliers and associates.


Our web design services are always performed by us candidly and worthily and more so, you can anticipate the same from our clients and suppliers. Our recommendation, strategic support and web development techniques imparted via training, our induction to accounting of ethical considerations amalgamated with the safeguard and augmentation of the moral standpoint of our clients and suppliers.

Duty of care

All of our London digital agency actions and guidance will always adhere to the pertinent law and we trust that every business inclusive of consultancy should shun from being the cause of unfavourable effects contextual to human rights of people in any company we do business with in the local and global arena as well as the welfare of the community at large.

Conflict of interest

As the nature of our consultancy service is sensitive, we do not provide a service to our direct competition of a client and furthermore, try and steer away from any deals with contending companies; post termination of services to a client as well.


Contracts provided by us are in most cases in the form of a comprehensive proposal which entails the aims, activities, costs, timescales and deliverables. The actual bases for permanence are subjected to our high quality service and the significance of our support. It is our duty to try and meet the contractual requirements of all clients. This stands even more rigid when the external funding provider wants more official parameters and controls.


Our fees are industry competitive for our web design services provided; the services are of the highest standard, bespoke and specialised. In normal terms, we do not offer random discounts. A price reduction is only offered when reducing the extent of services to be produced. But rest assured, we will always try and advice our potential clients with possible solutions keeping in mind the budget and timescales. We do try and agree upon the fees and ways of charge much in advance so that we and the client have a heads up for the upcoming timeline of the project leading us to a safe point on how the same can be accomplished and financially warranted.

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