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Digital Broadcasters develop Applications that meets all of their Clients’ expectations, at the time of delivery. However, we also understand that software is Organic, which means that new requirements arise after analysing usability. By continuously liaising with our Clients after the delivery, we ensure that they stay happy with not just our work, but with our Customer Care.

The User Interface

  • Content incorporating the latest web technologies, easily maintained with Administrative tools
  • Chronological shopping procedure with options of incorporating promotions
  • Website will incorporate features to allow it being located by the www. It will also be intuitive for any type of User to experience the site. This experience will be allowed to transfer to others by way of incorporating systems such as Facebook.

The productive aspects

  • Easily maintained
  • Analysis of user interactions
  • Establishing security privileges
  • Methods of increasing


  • Intelligent features to assess the possibility of threats by Users

All these features are incorporated into our Applications as standard.

Industrial solution

Digital Broadcasters has already provided solutions to major Organisations. The reasons why they had approached us is because of our reputation to increase their income, with little effort required from their part.

For larger scale Businesses, Digital Broadcasters provides packages that clearly state what they entail, all for fixed monthly fees. By subscribing to these, parts of the benefits derived are:

  • Turning visitors into registered Customers. This in turn will ensure a greater ratio of products purchased
  • Allowing the Administrator to monitor the shopping process and determine what actions can be taken to improve the overall experience
  • While also doing this, they can assess the User interactions with others and maintain security for all

Integration Support

Digital Broadcasters have a number of Applications that were designed to meet the various requirements of individual Businesses. By building on these foundations, a strong tool is acquired for handling all of the Markets’ demands.

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