Three SEO Sins That Could Ban Your Website Design London Part 1

A massive chunk of web users access their computers seeking specific material and in all probability, would go to search engines to look for it. It is therefore righteous to suggest that if you have a website design London that entails similar prospects from the one that has been searched for by the user; you can stand as the beneficiary of having you own web design London page show at the top of the search engine rankings.

Nonetheless, if you do end up committing any of the following three search engine optimisation misdeeds, you are jeopardising the existence of your website design London and further decreasing the probability of Internet users and business prospects from many a London digital agency not being able to see your London website design.

Since the advent of search engines and through its early stages of gaining recognition, a lot of London digital agency has tried to find loop holes in the system. And whilst these ways did obtain limited success in the former days of the web, the three ways listed below are sure to get your London website design banned and without doubt, would do more harm than good thereby leading us to say that avoiding these are the wise choice.

The first error one’s website design London could get banned for from search engines is to create a ‘doorway passage’. This model suggests that you develop a London website design page that are populated with keywords about a certain subject in order to acquire a good listing on the search engines for the concurring topic, but as the user clicks on that link, the page would involuntarily redirect the visitor to another website design London with a totally different subject matter. This unethical practice delivers unpleasant Internet experience in the mind of the user and needless to say, the reasons are rather straight forward for you to get banned from search engine listings.

Tune in later in the day for the second half of this article. Thanks for reading.

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