Twitter for your business – Part II

Tip 2: Watch How You Write

Some people have the knack for writing while others don’t. And that can be attributed to all areas of life inclusive of Twitter. By this, I simply imply that one need not be a copywriter or a novelist to use Twitter, but it would go a long way to have a fundamental understanding of English literature and its implications. However, in this era of technological evolution, if one uses Twitter via the website instead of a client, the Tweets can be spell checked as you type which proves to be advantageous for people less informed about English vocabulary

Thus, however good you may be, Twitter demands you to be creative and enticing. What with the 140 character limit the above two skills are very vital. It is therefore very important to be concise yet comprehensive. But you may also often find yourself trying to incorporate a URL within that limit. Worry not, URL shortening service providers like and are lifesavers.

One very crucial don’t is the usage of text speaking slang. Yes, it’s fine if you’re 13, but as a established business body trying to promote a product or service it’s not a viable option and cannot be justified. And again, do not try to communicate your message with slang text, only do so if you’re 13.

So now you have gained one more essential insight on Twitter’s uses and its implementation methods. Come back tomorrow for another one. Thanks for reading.

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