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You deal with the system from the perspective of a typical creator of content – you are in charge of public relations, you are in marketing, a journalist, an author, a secretary, etc.

You’re Tasks: Writing articles, providing images and multimedia content formats like video and sound files. In short, you are producing and managing what the website will have to offer to the audience.

  • Authoring
    Platform independent no other software needed. Publish anywhere in the world: Content can be added, edited and deleted through any computer connected to the Web with a current web browser – wherever you are.
  • WYSIWYG editing
    Users who want to add a richer editing experience to web based applications.
    A Rich Text Editor (RTE) allows users to format text insert images and create hyperlinks. Currently only accessible through Microsoft Web Explorer on Windows PC’s. (All other browsers do not support RTE yet, but otherwise work fine)
  • Automatic design continuation
    Text format is standardised. The design of the page will always be kept consistent when inputting information. Visual reliability is ensured while authoring editorials.
  • Automated image processing
    Images are kept to correct sizing within the Digital Content Management “Magic image” System ensuring the quality and proportion are maintained.
  • Copy/Cut/Paste and Clipboard
    A comply used functions of copy/cut/paste concept is used with the internal clipboard to administer the rearrangement of all internal objects. Wizards are easily set up for repositioning of pages and content elements – this makes the job even easier.
  • Content help
    All areas of the CMS have help icons allowing easy to use ‘hover’ guidance.
  • Content Management:
    The Content Management system caters for all types of content and documents.
    Easy to use forms allow the implementation of such item with little or no previous technical experience. Users can add as unlimited content, pages or categories as required.
  • Context sensitive menu
    With a single click on its icon the context sensitive menu prompts users with direct access to the most popular function of a single object. Users operating a mouse daily will find this a relief as this spares on hands and wrists.
  • Direct Mail module / Newsletter system
    Sending highly personalised Newsletter subscriptions are easy to email using our Direct Mail systems. Our technology uses a filtering system that allows the sender to specify particular groups using personal information. Combined with our stats module analytic data can be fetched from a click of a button.
  • Easy addition of hyperlinks
    Links are very easy to apply. The CMS indicated if there are “broken” links or “dead” links.
  • File and media management
    Files can be uploaded, copied, deleted, moved, edited and even renamed using an internal Filemanager. Private directories can be assigned to backend users on the server. Files can be assessed as long as there is a path and mounted in the Digital CMS.
  • Frontend editing
    Online editing of content is very easy! This works similar to the award winning “SmartEdit” from RedDot. While browsing the website click on the content you need editing and save. Edit, Move objects, delete and hide pages.
  • Import
    Rich text content files such as word documents can be easily imported using the copy and paste command.
  • Indexed search engine
    Data is extremely easy to find when looking through our search engine.
    Files such as HTML, MS Word and PDF-files are all looked at for unique keywords requested for in the search query. Databases are also searched.
  • Innovative shortcuts
    Within a single click repetitive operation and internal modules can be captured. Time is saved as users jump around within the CMS using these shortcuts. Shortcuts can be grouped and named and have permission set.
  • Minimal training needed
    Training of all features means the CMS can be used by staff with little or no computer experience. Automatic image handling, Frontend editing, Generation of graphics on-the-fly, Table and Form wizards and WYSIWYG
    editing are simple and easy to learn.
  • Multi-language
    Multiple languages can be inserted upon a per-page basis instead of having to develop of a whole new system.
  • Multiple Page Editing
    An editor can be used to edit files and specifying parameter such as name, date online/offline, etc simultaneously.
  • Offline editing status
    Easy publishing of individual page content, complete page or a folder can be designated an offline status to notify others that the file is in use.
  • Page tree structure
    The tree structure arranges the file and folder system in a hierarchical nature using a graphical form.
  • Preview content online
    Content can be previewed in real-time before making live.
  • Plugins
    Our increasing online extension repository consists of many easy to add Plugins such as, Banner-Controls, Calendars, Email-Forms, Faqs, Guestbook, Glossaries, Online Shop, News and Sitemaps.
  • Scheduled publishing
    Automated pages, page content and news items can be set to go on and off when required.
  • Speedy and intuitive interface
    The speedy backend GUI (graphical user interface) works in all modern web browsers, is fully customizable and highly streamlined for plug-ins.
    Navigation and components are consistent making the CMS is to use, navigate and understand.
    Forms are split into two diversions giving easy access to frequent and recently used items. The advanced options are normally hidden upon request.
  • Version Management
    On release of a document being published or image replacement a back-up of previous versions are available in a document history function.
  • Wizards
    Wizards for making tables, bullet lists and mail forms are easy to implement.

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