Website Engineering

Web Website Engineering Services

Accessibility and Multilingual Content

(support all audiences on the web)

Inventory Management Systems

(to assist customer online ordering)

Automated Email Management
(send prewritten emails at the touch of a button)
High Volume Membership

(with large-scale sophisticated pattern matching)
Business And Private Chat
(freeform or recorded minutes)
Forums and Discussion Groups
(freeform or moderated)
Content Management
(update your site whenever you wish)
(publish, distribute, archive and search)
Context Sensitive Advertising
(customers have individual interests)
Note Systems
(for internal or external communications)
CV Processing & Matching Systems
(increase automation within your office)
Online Games and Quizzes
(such as Scrabble or Hearts – keep them coming back)
Detailed Visitor (and Staff) Tracking
(with keystrokes and timestamps)
Online Project Management Systems
(track projects and deadlines)
Ecommerce Solutions 
(accept credit-card payments online)
Online Reservation Systems
(for services, venues or products)
Estate Agent Management Systems
(from detailed searching to automated matching SMS texts)
Online Sales Management Tools
(call tracking and other sales tools)
Event Ticketing Systems
(with or without assigned seating or allocations)
SMS Text Interfacing
(receive queries and aut omated replies or notifications)


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