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Integrate your corporate identity with the website strategy

Building up a corporate ID is one of the primary responsibilities of the marketing personnel of a business enterprise that hopes to survive in this increasingly competitive market. It is this identity that will be the recognizable face of the business entity and be the universally recognizable symbol. The corporate identity also facilitates the smooth assimilation of the different product or service offerings of the company by uniting them under a single identity. This helps the consumers of the business easily associate the different products that are brought out by the company with the brand that they have come to trust.

A corporate identity includes the visible symbols of an organization such as the logo, byline, mottos and the values and culture that it hopes to promote among the personnel working in the various departments of the enterprise. It is this identity that makes the various entities of an enterprise instantly recognizable to its customers and other stakeholders among the business investing community. This identity is very important to business enterprises operating in different markets across the world as the identity that it has built for its activities has the capability to transcend the boundaries of language differences.

A website is the ‘face’ or the first point of contact that an individual customer has with the business he or she is interested to know more about. It is in effect more than a billboard on the Web as it is a space in which a lot of information and data can be accessed on demand by your consumers and other stakeholders whenever they feel the need to know more about some product or service that is being offered by your company. So, each and every aspect of the website design, including that of the corporate id has to be completed in consonance with the identity that the business enterprise would like to project to its clients, enterprise stakeholders and prospective customers.

The entire web design project to enhance your corporate identity has to be thought of as the equivalent of a brand building exercise as this is website would be one of the properties that the business enterprise owns on the Web. The website designer or the design company that you hire for executing your vision into a tangible and cohesive identity for your organization’s Web based efforts should have an idea of your vision and goals before they set out on the project to create a viable corporate identity for your company on the Web.

Once you have a reasonable idea on how your corporate id can be best managed on the Web, you have to generate additional content on your web properties to reinforce the image that you want to project among your customers, clients, investors and other business stakeholders. A consistent message and theme is what you should be looking at if you want to generate a strong unifying message from the portals of your business enterprise to the entire set of stakeholders who are associated with your business.

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